Case Studies: Capture the world around you with Leica's BLK360 laser scanner

We love putting our equipment to the test. With so many advancements in 3D laser scanning technology, we put in the work to see what tools deliver and stand above the rest. The 

Leica BLK360 streamlines the reality capture process, so even people with little to no experience can easily capture the world around them. 

What is BLK360? 


Small, light, and easy to use, the Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner, streams image, and point cloud data to an iPad. 

If you know how to operate a tablet, you can learn how to scan building projects using this tool. In less than three minutes, the BLK360 captures on-the-fly images and point cloud processing in the field. 

The BLK360 weighs 1kg, making it the smallest and lightest of its kind. With full-color panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud, the Leica BLK360 is simple to use with just the single push of a button. 

Curious to see how it works? Watch this.

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BLK360 at work - Pittock Mansion 

We used the Leica P40 & BLK360 to scan the inside and outside of the Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. This historical site was built in the 1900s and took two years to build.

To capture the building’s exterior and property, we used the P40. The BLK360 scanned a majority of the interior and filled in the gaps that the larger P40 scanner could not capture. Using the right tool for the right application allowed us to capture this beautiful historical site in the most efficient and timely way possible.

Watch the laser scanning tools in action, as they capture an accurate representation of the measurements of the site. 

Our laser scanners provided our team with lucrative results. It also served as a reminder that these evolutionary solutions of the past are still implemented as standard and efficient solutions today. 

Laser scanning for the future - Seattle Children's Research Institute

We put the Leica ScanStation P40 and the BLK360 to the test when scanning the complicated nature of the Seattle Children's Research Institute. The 13-story, 540,000 sq. ft. building is geometrically unique and required an aesthetically stimulating exterior cover that could handle Seattle's extreme weather. 

Datum Tech Solutions used both the ScanStation P40 and the BLK360 to scan the complicated nature of a 140,000 sq. ft. Unitized Curtain Wall System (UCW8000). The UCW8000 is a custom curtain wall system that captures both visually pleasing elements and an optimized structural experience. It’s equipped with varying depths of vertical and horizontal fin elements, heavy-duty trapezoidal glass, and unique folds flourishing across the facade. 

These laser scanners delivered a precise as-built representation of the enormous exterior curtain wall. To ensure precise point cloud functionality, we used REGISTER 360 to get the fastest results. 

These tools delivered full-color panoramic imagery, and the exterior curtain wall specialists were pleased with our efficiency and results.  

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