Exterior Curtain Wall Scan for Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Laser Scanning for the Future

Among the vast display of differences that we have in the world, we all stand on common ground when it comes to empowering our children’s lives for a feasible future. Building Cure will encompass the coalition of science and compassion for the continuance of advancements in children’s medical research. This addition to Seattle’s Children’s Research Institute will grant scientists the necessary space and resources to allow their research to flourish.

"For an optimized work flow, Harmon sought out Datum Tech Solutions..."

The geometrically unique, 13-story, 540,000 sq. ft. building will house labs equipped with the best technological resources in healthcare research, a manufacturing center for lab discoveries, and an education space. The building requires an aesthetically stimulating exterior cover that can handle Seattle’s extreme weather, so specialists in this department were sought out.

Harmon will be installing a 140,000 sq. ft. Unitized Curtain Wall System (UCW8000). Equipped with varying depths of vertical and horizontal fin elements, heavy-duty trapezoidal glass, and unique folds flourishing across the facade, the UCW8000 captures both visually pleasing elements and an optimized structural experience. For an optimized work flow, Harmon sought out Datum Tech Solutions for our scanning services.

The complicated nature of this construction required a conjunction of ScanStation P/40 and the BLK360. The combination resulted in a precise as-built representation of the enormous exterior curtain wall, delivered in full-color panoramic imagery. To ensure precise point cloud functionality, we used REGISTER 360 to get the fastest results. With our scanning services, Harmon has been able quickly progress into the next stage of installation. The exterior curtain wall specialists were more than satisfied with our efficiency.   

Datum Tech Solutions performs every scan with an integration of precision and passion; we hold every scan with the highest priority. However, this scan was significantly special to us because for this project, we did not just scan for an optimized work flow…

…we scanned for an optimized future.