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That's what Datum Tech Solutions is able to save your company by leveraging 3D terrestrial laser scanning, drone photogrammetry, and total station control point instruments.

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We are proud to offer the best of 3D laser scanning and terrestrial mapping instruments.

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We're proud to carry top of the line brands like Leica Geosystems & Scan&Go to better optimize your workflow.

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Why let the cost of equipment slow your project down? We have the best equipment for the most intricate jobs, now available to rent.

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Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner
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3D laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate way to provide an identical digital representation of an environment or structure. See what our team can do for your project!

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Reality Capture and Structural Survey

Datum Tech Solutions leverages 3D terrestrial laser scanning, drone photogrammetry, and total station control point instruments to deliver a spatially-accurate, digital twin of your environment.

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