Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner

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Includes "1-year Basic CCP" after 1-year Cyclone Register 360 (BLK Edition)

With full-color, 360-degree 3D panoramic models & images overlaid on a high-accuracy 3D point cloud, the Leica BLK360 offers a new way to capture the world around you.

With just the single push of one button, the BLK360 is the smallest and lightest 3D laser scanner of its kind. Anyone who can operate an iPad can now capture the world around them with high-resolution 3D panoramic models & images.

Using the ReCap Pro mobile app, the BLK360 streams image and 3D point cloud data to an iPad. The app filters and registers scan data in real-time.

After capture, ReCap Pro enables 3D point cloud data transfer to a number of CAD, BIM, VR and AR applications. The integration of BLK360 and Autodesk software dramatically streamlines the laser scanning process, thereby opening up the opportunity of this technology to non-surveying individuals.

BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner:

  • Allows you to scan in high, standard and fast resolutions
  • Weighs 1kg / Size 165 mm tall x 100 mm diameter  
  • Less than 3 minutes for full-dome scan (in standard resolution) and 150 MP spherical image generation
  • 360,000 laser scan pts/sec

ReCap Pro Software:

  • Gain complete access to ReCap Pro for desktop, web, and mobile*
  • Control all aspects of the reality capture process remotely on ReCap for iPad
  • Automatically register and visualize scan data in the field
  • Mark up, tag and collaborate on scans while on the job site
  • Reduce rework requests and share reality data remotely
  • Seamless data transfer into Autodesk design software.

      With The Combination of The BLK360 & Autodesk ReCap Pro, Benefit From: 

      • Speed: On-the-fly image and point cloud processing in the field.
      • Portability: Flexibility to scan wherever, whenever with the small lightweight scanner that fits into a messenger bag.
      • Ease of Use: Push-button scanning that automatically stitches and registers in the mobile version of ReCap Pro.
      • Cloud Connectivity: Better collaboration and virtualization with cloud sync.
      • Simplified Data Collection: Two-in-one 360º image documentation and laser scan data.
      • Interoperability: Reality capture data connectivity with Autodesk’s design solutions.


      • Leica BLK 360 Imaging laser scanner
      • Transport Shell
      • Battery, Charger, Global adapters
      • 1-year subscription for Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK Edition)

      Data Spec Sheets

      Hear What People Are Saying:

      "As projects typically do, we ran into some issues that were hindering us and which we needed assistance. After relaying these issues to Datum Tech Solutions, Chris came down the very next day and spent 8 hours training our layout foreman on the new software we had purchased. Additionally, he took some of our concerns about tools (that we had previously purchased from another company) back to Stan. Stan discussed the difference intelligently with our Layout 

      Later on in the project, when we had a hardware failure and had to return our tablet back to the manufacturer for service. ­Stan drove to our site in Portland with a tablet that we could borrow in the interim. Additionally, he and Chris stayed for the day and worked along side our foreman ­ insuring that he was well training in the equipment and software that we had purchased. 

      Without Stan’s dedication and service to us, we most likely would have given up our current implementation in favor of an easier path. Stan and Chris were thoughtful about products offered to us, would answer the phone for hours long phone calls about software or hardware concerns, and could be quickly and easily on site--ready to help within a moments notice. We cannot recommend Datum Tech Solutions enough for whatever needs your next project might bring! 

      Thank you Datum Tech!! ”

      — Mollie Shackleford, Virtual Design & Construction Coordinator & Matt Hockett, General Foreman, Lease Crutcher Lewis


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