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Big kid toys are the best and we love playing with ours every chance we get. One of our favorite pastimes is to put our equipment to the test. This fun little scan occurred a couple years back at the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR. The combination of both the P40 scanner and the BLK360 provided lucrative results, a reminder that that these revolutionary solutions of the past are still implemented as standard and efficient solutions today. 

The scanning experience was seamless, as the P40 and BLK360 concisely scanned the 46-room interior and the massive exterior property. Check it out!

Full video scan by Datum Tech Solutions

A Little History

The Pittock Mansion was built in 1914, a two year construction project that concluded with the immaculately beautiful, French Renaissance home that still stands today; the oldest of its kind in the area. However, the true beauty of this architectural wonder does not just lie in aesthetics, as the historical attributes tell the tale of early Portland and how the little "stump town" developed into an industrial center point of The West. Furthermore, the family who built the mansion, the Pittocks, had a great influence on Portland's development; both economically and culturally.

Henry Pittock, like so many of his time, traveled from The East to the great unknown of The Wild West in search of opportunity. Unlike the majority of settlers, however, Henry found it. 

"It would not be long before Henry would prove them all wrong..."

It was not long after Henry's arrival in Portland, OR, that he would meet his beloved Georgiana Burton; his future wife. To put food on the table, Henry got a job as a typesetter for a local newspaper--making very little in wages and barely getting by. 

In 1860, Henry traded back wages for ownership of the declining newspaper. Due to the high risk of such an industry--30 newspapers were launched state wide and the competition was raging--many thought he was crazy. It would not be long before Henry would prove them all wrong, completely turning the newspaper around into a lucrative business and paper that we still read today: The Oregonian. Henry Pittock soon began investing in various assets in the area and his wife began establishing numerous charities, conclusively bringing economic clout and opportunity to the once barren town. 

Just like the mansion itself, Henry Pittock's name lives on as an American legend. He was one of the first pioneers to conquer Mount Hood, a dangerous feat still today, and he was well-known for other wild adventures. Between intriguing tales and grave contributions to the culture and economy of the area, it is no wonder that when people think about the history of Portland, Henry and Georgiana Pittock are one of the first to come to mind.

Pittock Mansion - Datum Tech Solutions

Where play and work combine... we love what we do.

Having Fun... That's What It's About

As BIM solution specialists, our profession has given us the opportunity to travel all over world and have fun while doing it. This case is a prime example of the latter. Here we got to immerse ourselves in aesthetic beauty and great historical significance. It is interesting to bring new, state of the art construction technology to such an architectural wonder. 

One begins to get lost between past and present. It took two years to build the gargantuan Pittock Mansion. Just imagine if they had access to the solutions we have today. What would a construction crew of the early 1900's think if we just walked up and plopped a BLK360 down in front of them?

Although impossible to truly know, it's still fun to ponder. Yes. We love what we do.