3D Laser Scanning Services

Datum Tech Solutions Field Technicians are skilled at 3D mapping structures and environments. Through the use of terrestrial based LIDAR, mobile LIDAR, and drone photogrammetry, there are few industries that we haven't played a role in providing digital twins for.

How Does Datum Tech Solutions Work?

Tailored Approach

Because no two projects are the same, we place heavy importance on an initial "scope of work" conversation to determine how we will approach digitally capturing each project. This is a critical stage to ensure we meet our client's expectations.

Efficient 3D Scanning

Our team consists of licensed professionals with decades of experience. We use state-of-the-art long-range 3D laser scanning equipment to capture millions of measurements per second. This technology allows us to efficiently capture detailed data about the environment or structure.

Comprehensive Data Capture

The collected measurements are transformed into a digital map, creating a point cloud that accurately represents the scanned area. This digital representation includes both interior and exterior details.


We provide training to clients, ensuring they have the necessary skills to use the data effectively. This empowers clients to confidently work with the collected information for their design, analysis, and decision-making processes.

Industries Benefiting From 3D Scanning

3D laser scanning is a popular tool for construction projects around the world. However, multiple industries have integrated the technology into their project plans in order to utilize the incredible data to improve productivity for their entire teams. Datum Tech Solutions has experience working with these various industries, and provides expert insights to improve projects of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Aviation
  • Stadiums
  • Event Spaces
  • Historical Preservation
  • Telecommunications
  • Archaeology
  • Oil and Gas
  • Plant & Industrial


Our premier 3D laser scanning and surveying machines offer cutting-edge technology and unmatched precision for highly accurate and detailed point cloud data in various applications.d
RTC360 Firmware Update - Datum Tech Solutions

LIDAR Scanners

These high-precision devices use laser technology to rapidly measure distances and capture detailed point clouds of surfaces and objects in their surroundings.
iCR70_80 Firmware Update - Datum Tech Solutions

Total Stations

Total Stations combine electronic theodolites with electronic distance meters for accurate angle and distance measurements. Robotic Total Stations can be operated remotely, enhancing efficiency.
iCON GPS 70 Firmware Update - Datum Tech Solutions

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

GPS technology provides geospatial positioning information, enabling accurate location data and georeferencing for scanned point clouds.
3DR Software Update - Datum Tech Solutions

Mapping Software

Mapping software like Cyclone 3DR is used to process and manage the point cloud data collected from the scanners, facilitating the creation of accurate and comprehensive digital maps.
CloudWorx for Revit Software - Datum Tech Solutions

Autodesk Software (Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk Point Layout)

These software tools are utilized for design, modeling, coordination, and layout integration, enhancing collaboration across different stages of construction projects.

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