Public Safety

EnhancE public safety through 3d reality capture

Public safety takes many forms, from protecting the public, to analyzing crashes and crime scenes. Datum Tech Solutions enables professionals to fully map scenes by creating a Forensic Digital Twin. 3D laser scanning allows for the capture & clearing of scenes quickly, reducing disruption, & making digital documentation and mapping safer.

In the field of public safety, capturing exact and accurate data is critical to having full visibility of the evidence. That's why 3D laser scanning is quickly becoming a standard when capturing a crime scene, crash, environment or public event.

A digital 3D model can store precise data allowing investigators to document scenes in a matter of minutes.


New innovations in 3D reality capture have created solutions that enables First Responders to capture scenes quickly, and accurately.

High-performance laser scanners and automated software make it easier than ever to quickly share digital twins of the real scene. You as a Public Safety professional can apply 3D technology for improved evidence gathering, and workflow. 

Lightweight portable scanners can be quickly deployed to scan an area in minutes, allowing crime and crash scenes to be cleared quickly, with minimal disruption. With automated software tools and edge computing, scans and imagery can be checked on site, registered and built into a 360° detailed digital replica of the area faster than ever before

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Evidence Gathering

One small detail of an investigation could mean the difference between winning or losing a case and in-turn bringing justice to victims and their families. With the help of 3D Laser scanning and automated software tools a First Responder is able to capture every detail of the scene that is certified and verifiable in court. Digital scene "fly-throughs" provide an overview of the entire scene and ensure the protection of physical evidence. Evidence can be analyzed in detail and shown to a jury so they can truly understand the scene.

Crash Scene Analysis

Clearing a crash scene puts pressure on investigators, paramedics, firefighters and police. Preserving and documenting a crime scene can be a lengthy and tedious process, especially when you factor in such environmental conditions like rain, snow, hail or extreme heat. 3D laser scanning allows you to quickly and efficiently capture and entire crash scene in minute detail and generate a point cloud in real-time. This minimizes public disruption and clears a crash scene quickly. One-touch operation and automated software enables even beginner users to operate equipment and ensure crucial evidence is captured in high definition.

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