Top 4 Scan&Go Surveying Equipment Accessories

Accessories for your surveying equipment are helpful whether you’re a government municipality looking to handle civic and public safety issues or a utility company focused on safety. When it comes to some of the best accessories to complement your 3D laser scanning job, Scan&Go is a premiere innovator in the space.

Whether you’re buying your Scan&Go accessories or taking out a short-term or long-term rental, there are some scenarios when you’ll want to leverage a few different accessories. Having the proper accessories for your 3D laser scanner and the job at hand can help you perform your work much more easily. Here’s a list of some of Datum Tech Solutions’ recommended accessories, as well as their benefits.

Scan&Go Uplift 500

The Scan&Go Uplift 500 is an incredible telescopic surveying tool. Thanks to its 15 foot extension capability, durability and strength, the Scan&Go Uplift 500 is an ideal choice for public safety, allowing users to capture important information in drop ceilings, soffits and building exteriors. At its highest, the Uplift 500 allows your laser scanner to sit at a height of 15 feet. Designed to hold laser scanners weighing as much as 22 pounds, this accessory is made of heavy duty materials, including leg braces, non-slip rubber feet and a wind-bracing kit.

The Uplift500 Includes:

  • Accessories bag
  • Wind bracing kit 
  • Braking wheels
  • Double safety locking system by means of safety-bolt
  • Pressure knob
  • Heavy duty non-slip rubber feet

Scan&Go Whippy Scan

If you’re trying to get multiple scans at varying heights, the Scan&Go Whippy Scan is an excellent complement to your surveying equipment. The entire system rests on a four-wheeled trolley for exceptional mobility, and can be folded up for easy transportation between sites. With a telescoping pole that reaches 6.5 feet when fully extended, the Scan&Go Whippy Scan can quickly and efficiently increase the range of your 3D laser scanner. The trolley was designed for similar terrain and conditions that would be found on a golf course, so you can rest assured that even in inaccessible places, the wheels and stability will perform admirably. 

The Whippy Scan Includes:

  • All metallic components (articulated parts, pressure knobs, leg braces, etc.) 
  • Equipped with 
    • Double safety locking system by means of safety-bolt 
    • Pressure knob 

Scan&Go Level-Lift Roof

The Scan&Go Level-Lift Roof is the perfect car mount for use when surveying architecture and infrastructure with your vehicle. With a maximum extendable height of nine feet, this aluminum system provides stability and security by attaching to your vehicle’s roof rack. 

Lifting your 3D laser scanner to such great height offers a few advantages that may be useful for your surveying work. For starters, it can significantly increase the range of your scanner. The Scan&Go Level-Lift Roof accessory can also reduce overall scan time and improve accuracy by eliminating shadows that would be cast by window sills and other architectural features when scanning on the ground.

The Level-Lift Includes:

  • LLR: Level-Lift Roof with Aluminum frame
  • STA: Roof bar brackets
  • RCC: LLR Cable Controller
  • CLR: Connecting cable from LP16R to LLR
  • CPC: Power cable
  • PCP: Support plate
  • BMA: Soft bag for accessories
  • QBK: Quick Bracket
  • WBK: Wind bracing kit (LLR-Light only)

Scan&Go Upside Down Tripod

Interested in surveying hard-to-reach places such as inside of manholes or outside of windows? The Scan&Go Upside Down Tripod is the ideal choice for the job. Featuring steel components and a mechanical crank system, this tool makes it safe and simple to slowly lower your 3D laser scanner into pits, cellars, and other subterranean locations. Particularly if you need to capture scans at various depths, the Scan&Go Upside Down Tripod is a useful accessory for completing your work. Featuring two meter-long extensions and non-slip feet, you can have confidence in this accessory’s ability to help you get the job done well.

The Upside Down Tripod Includes: 

  • Heavy duty non-slip rubber feet
  • 2 extensions of 1 meter each
  • Holding screw: 5/8’’ thread and 3/8’’ adapter

When it comes to your 3D scanner rental needs, Datum Tech Solutions is a leading provider of laser scanners, surveying equipment, accessories and training. We have a robust selection of Scan&Go accessories ready to be used on a variety of job sites. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you create the right surveying package to meet your needs and budget.

Our favorite products featured in this blog

Scan&Go Whippy Scan

Whippy Scan is a system mounted on a four-wheeled trolley with an extendable pole and parking feet. The trolley is equipped with two 360 ° rotating front wheels to ensure absolute mobility in all situations and greater stability in motion.

The whole system can be folded and dismantled to ensure easy transport to the workplace. The parking feet can be used to fully lift the system from the ground. The trolley, designed for golf courses, moves without problems both outside and inside buildings. The three legs of the extendable pole are adjustable to be able to easily level the scanner even at the height of over 6.5 feet. 

Useful in all inaccessible places when is necessary to have scans at different heights. 

The Whippy Scan Includes:

  • All metallic components (articulated parts, pressure knobs, leg braces, etc.) guarantee maximum durability and strength. 

  • Equipped with 
    • Double safety locking system by means of safety-bolt 
    • Pressure knob 


  • Easy to use 

  • Short setup and uninstall time 

  • Easy movement among scanning stations 

  • Significant increase of the 3D Laser Scanner measuring range 

  • **Please note: The tripod can be used without the trolley 

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