The 4 Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for Public Safety Workflows

More and more professionals in the public safety sector are opting to go the route of 3D public safety workflows and replace 2D workflows. 3D scanning brings more speed, accuracy and efficiency to public safety workflows and offers operators more control over the scope of the project at hand. We’ll be highlighting the four benefits of transitions to 3D workflows and noting how public safety professionals are benefiting from the transition. 

Increased Accuracy

Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner

Accuracy is a paramount component of reliable public safety workflows. From crime scenes to construction sites and motor vehicle incidents, accurate 3D laser scanners are allowing people to get the job done without concern that something might have gone wrong. 2D workflows require many measurements to be done by hand. Not only is this time consuming but it opens the door for errors. 

The Leica BLK360 3D Laser Scanner is often used in the field when accuracy is of the utmost importance. It’s able to capture 360-degree 3D panoramic models and images resulting in detailed, highly accurate 3D point clouds. It’s small, lightweight and easy to operate making it one of the most sought after 3D laser scanners on the market. If you can operate an iPad you can operate a Leica BLK360. 

Being able to accurately analyze your 3D laser scans once work in the field is wrapped up is equally critical to workflows. Many of the Leica 3D laser scanners pair with a multitude of software solutions. Here at Datum Tech Solutions we offer equipment and software training options for teams large and small. So whether you’re new to the 3D laser scanning industry or looking to work with a new piece of technology, our team is here to support you. 

3D Scanning & Public Safety

One of the biggest benefits of implementing a 3D laser scanner for scenes that include public safety is that they allow personnel the ability to scan without being put into a dangerous situation. Ensuring the safety of your team is made possible by today’s 3D laser scanning technology. 

If data needs to be collected at a hazardous site or where there are hazardous materials, 3D laser scans prioritizes safety for all parties involved. From scanning crash sites and sites with biohazard materials to the interiors of damaged buildings and unstable construction sites, 3D laser scanners have done it all. With traditional 2D workflows teams have to capture much of the data by hand which means more time spent on a potentially hazardous site. Owning or renting a 3D laser scanner for future projects means prioritizing safety … it’s a win for all parties involved. 


Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner

No matter what industry you’re in, safety and efficiency are always a top priority. This is especially true in the public safety sector. From the border security industry to crime scene investigations, speed is critical to putting public safety first. When it comes to solving crimes and protecting borders, time is of the essence. 

The Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner is often used when automation and efficiency are critical. This 3D laser scanner is quick, highly portable, efficient and easy to use for beginners and experts alike. There is no project too complex or complicated for the Leica RTC360. 

On-Site Benefits

  • Highly portable, highly automated, intuitive and designed for maximum productivity.
  • The RTC360 is much more than just a high-performance 3D laser scanner. The scanner combines with Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile-device app for edge computing for automatically registering scans in real time, and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 office software to integrate your 3D model seamlessly into your workflow.
  • Capture scans, including enriching High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery, in less than two minutes.
  • Automatically record your moves from station to station to pre-register your scans in the field without manual intervention.
  • Augment your data capture with information tags. Illustrating the opportunities this 3d laser scanner provides for better planning, reflecting site reality, and boosting your teams’ situational awareness.

Keep Complications To A Minimum

With numerous software options to choose from, finding software that works best for your team and your project is simple. At Datum Tech Solutions, our Chief Technology Officer, Reid Flamm, and team of experienced experts in 3D laser scanning solutions will guide you through the decision making process. Through all phases of workflow, we’ve designed an uncomplicated training experience. Most of the 3D laser scanners have been designed to keep confusion and frustration to a minimum. 

There are few industries that can’t reap the benefits of a 3D laser scanner. When it comes to 3D scanning and public safety there is no room for error, and today’s 3D laser scanners make that possible.

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