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The world of surveying has been revolutionized in recent years thanks to 3D laser scanning technology. A multitude of laser scanning products created by surveyor firms like Scan&Go are also catapulting the world of surveying technology into new territory. Capturing millions of data points per second, many of today’s 3D laser scanners are saving companies time and money while providing safer working environments. 

“A leader in the field of topography and 3D high-definition survey” Scan&Go technologies are being paired with Leica 3D laser scanners to perform incredible feats of surveying in places that would otherwise be inaccessible or just plain dangerous. In this week’s blog we will be highlighting Scan&Go products and sharing projects that utilized Scan&Go technology. 

Scan&Go products make laser scanning from great heights much simpler, more efficient and streamlined. 


Datum Tech Solutions Go-To Scan&Go Products

Scan&Go BLK 360 Window Scan

The Scan&Go BLK 360 Window Scan is a horizontal extension system for scanning with the Leica BLK360. It is an easy and safe system to carry out scans in all the cases where it is necessary to scan in hard-to-reach places, horizontally.

Thanks to its versatility, it is possible to mount the BLK360 upright, upside down or horizontally. 

In 2020, Datum Tech Solutions worked in tandem with Structural Technologies to preserve the exterior facade of the oldest operating opera house in the United States, The Academy of Music in Philadelphia, PA. 

The decision to utilize the Scan&Go BLK 360 Window Scan was made early on. The BLK Window Scan allowed the team to access unique, potentially hazardous vantage points on the opera house’s exterior. It goes where most other equipment and people can’t. It reduces hazards in the workplace and is a fairly straightforward piece of equipment to set-up and use. Learn more about the Scan&Go preservation project here. 



Scan&Go Level-Lift Roof & Level-Plane 16R

The Scan&Go Level-Lift Roof is a lifting extension system for the roof of your vehicle. It has been created in order to take advantage of the Scan&Go Level-Plane 16R when you're surveying unique infrastructure, architecture and structures.

Composed of four pneumatic extendable segments (max 9 ft. height), a support plate for Level-Plane 16R and a solid frame allows for mounting on the roof rack of any vehicle. The system is made from anodized aluminum. Once the engine of the vehicle is off, the pole fully extends and the system remains firm and stable during the scan session.

Recently, Datum Tech Solutions employed the Level-Lift Roof and Level-Plane 16R on a historical preservation project in Seattle, Washington - St. Edward Seminary. The Datum Tech Solutions team used the Scan&Go technology to survey the seminary’s unique infrastructure and architecture from the ground.



Scan&Go Level-Lift Box

The Scan&Go Level Lift Box was designed to be used in conjunction with the Level-Plane 16R when surveying unique infrastructure and architecture that is not easily accessible. 


By using the Level-Lift Box combined with Level-Plane 16R and extending the 3D Laser Scanner it’s possible to obtain:

  • Significant increase of measurement range
  • Decrease of the scanning sessions number
  • Saving of surveying time
  • Improving measurement quality due to the increased verticality of the gripping point




Scan&Go Kangur-Lift

The Scan&Go Kangur-Lift is a telescopic column made of anodized aluminum with pneumatic extensions by hand-pump, complete with manual locks that allow you to stop the column at the desired height. The Kangur Lift has a maximum height of 18 feet.

Compact and easy to transport, the Kangur Lift is beneficial for small, agile teams. In fact, the system can be operated and transported safely by a single operator. The telescopic column is mounted on a cart with rubber wheels on site and comes equipped with adjustable feet and a spherical bubble to ensure the vertical position of the pole and a set of wind bracing ropes. 

The Kangur-Lift is useful in inaccessible places unable to be accessed by vehicles alone. It is helpful when it is necessary to make scans at different heights, removing shadows and obstacles, for example:

  • Building interiors
  • Historical buildings, churches, museums, etc.…
  • Alleys and inner courtyards

Kangur-Lift is combined with the Level-Plane 16R to allow for perfectly leveled scans. 


Scan&Go Smart Lift

Similar to the Scan&Go Level-Lift Box, the Scan&Go Smart Lift is meant to be used in conjunction with the Level-Plane 16R as well as the Level-Plane 16B. What’s great about the Smart Lift is its versatility — the lifting system can be used with any brand and type of terrestrial laser scanner.

When you're surveying unique infrastructure, architecture or structures, the Smart Lift is a must have product. 


By using Smart Lift Roof combined with Level-Plane 16R or 16B and extending the 3D Laser Scanner it’s possible to obtain:

  • Significant increase of measurement range
  • Decrease in total scanning sessions
  • Saving of surveying time
  • Detailed scans by cutting out balcony shadows, trays of windows and high parts, not visible from the ground
  • Improved measurement quality due to the increased verticality of the gripping point

There are a great number of Scan&Go products and accessories for all of your scanning needs. The Scan&Go lineup of products allows surveyors to reach unique, obstructed and dangerous areas with ease. If your team is unsure which products may be the best fit for an upcoming project, we invite you to connect with a Datum Tech Solutions team member today.



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