As Seen in USA Today: Datum Tech Continues to Offer Free Laser Scanning to Build Temporary Medical Facilities 

In our press release originally published on USA Today, we spoke about the lack of space for beds and how the Army Corps of Engineers is assessing facilities to convert into hospitals.


Although Washington as a state is seemingly flattening the curve according to Kiro7 News, many medical facilities are continuing to feel the strain from the increase in patients due to COVID-19. In response to the ongoing global crisis, we have offered to complete a free 3D dimensionally accurate scan of environments in consideration of temporary medical facilities logistics. 

We have the experience and tools to get the job done quickly and accurately. Here's how we can provide quick turnarounds for laser scanning for temporary medical facilities. 

How it works 

3D laser scanners can capture every detailed measurement of a surface in a fraction of the time it would take to measure using conventional tools. While practicing safe social distancing, Datum Tech Solutions can scan, geotag, and process the data quickly. While most scans take up to three days, one-day turnarounds are possible. Laser scanning gives team members access to data and information they can use to continue to get the job done safely during a quarantine. This technology enables the AEC (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) community to accomplish projects at a quicker rate than ever before while minimizing the risk for contact. 

The right tools for the job 

We can deploy a team of two professionals to the site to capture the location. When it comes to capturing images and dimensionally accurate point clouds in real-time, Leica Geosystems BLK2GO is fast, efficient and offers greater mobility for users. Within minutes, the RTC360 collects data from your worksite, giving you high-quality imagery and spatial data to streamline your workflow. 

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We are leaders in BIM technology and have the right tools and expertise to capture 3D scans for temporary medical facilities. Virtual mapping enables planning for bed space, hospital equipment, ingress, and egress, etc. We can also provide drone footage to capture high resolution and accurate aerial data that provides detailed views of each site, allowing contractors to make informed decisions about a project. 

Whether you need laser scanning services, top-notch equipment, or training in the field, we can help. We offer equipment packages customized for your project. Contact us today. 


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