Are you trying to Map out Temporary Medical Facilities? We can help!

As COVID-19 continues to put pressure on healthcare systems, there is a greater need for makeshift hospitals to help people impacted by the pandemic across the country. During these uncertain times, we are keeping everyone on the front lines and those directly affected in our thoughts. We are offering our laser scanning tools and expertise free of charge to help any agencies looking to map out temporary medical facilities. 


Here at Datum Tech Solutions, we're in the business of providing clients with the top tools they need to thrive. We provide training and superior products to improve workflow and deliver faster results. As industry leaders, we're able to quickly capture high definition and spatially accurate environments for temporary medical facilities. 

Here's how. 

Laser scanning tools capture measurements in a short period, allowing for projects to move ahead quicker. Scanning an empty facility offers a point cloud model of a space that can then be traced and modeled in any drawing application for space planning. Scanners are often used in hospitals to reconfigure rooms from two patients to one patient rooms. 


BLK2GO paired with Register 360 Software work together to provide quick alignment of scan walks. These laser scanning tools allow for updates as the environment changes. 


"It creates a quick reference drawing of the existing space for full spatial awareness. This would allow for the correct placement of medical beds and equipment, and allow them to monitor the spaces and make any necessary changes," says Stanley Lawrence, President, and Founder of Datum Tech Solutions. 


The data would help track the total number of beds, beds in use, and provide an up-to-date plan of the facility with entrance and exit locations. 

3D Laser Scanners Work in Different Ways 


RTC360 - This laser scanner combines ease of use with accuracy, speed, and efficiency. A single scan is produced in 26 seconds in black and white or 1:26 in color. There is no other laser scanner on the market like it. It's easy to operate and has revolutionized gathering point clouds and full HDR photos. 


Our dedicated team of professionals at Datum Tech Solutions offers one-on-one training and provides support if you want to do the scanning on your own. 

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BLK2GO - This handheld scanner utilizes SLAM technology to simultaneously localize and map your surroundings, all while simply walking through one's environment. The lightweight design gathers scans in hard-to-reach places where traditional scanners cannot. 


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During these times of uncertainty, we hope to provide our expertise to help during this crisis. Whether it be mapping out temporary medical facilities or helping you find the right tools to scan your projects, we're here for you. Contact us today. 

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