The Top Leica Scanners That Utilize LiDAR Technology

While LiDAR might sound like something from a Star Wars movie—what with its use of laser beams and all—the technology has actually been around since the 1960s. LiDAR scanners have a wide range of uses in a variety of industries. From forestry and construction to land surveying and mining, LiDAR has a role to play in countless industries and projects. Learn more about LiDAR and read up on some of the top Leica LiDAR scanning equipment in this blog.

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging, which, in effect, explains how LiDAR works. LiDAR scanners use laser beams and reflected light to measure distances between objects. Put simply, LiDAR is a process and a technology. LiDAR can be used to map out environments and create 3D models and renderings. There are many benefits to using a 3D laser scanner with LiDAR technology. You can measure and calculate incredible distances with pinpoint accuracy. Another benefit of LiDAR mapping is that it gives you a way to map and measure otherwise inaccessible areas like the ocean floor.

Top 3 Leica Scanners With LiDAR Technology

Whether you’re planning on purchasing a device for procuring accurate LiDAR scans or are interested in renting equipment, you need to first have an understanding of the technology and capabilities of the device you’re planning on renting or purchasing. Here’s an overview of some of the top Leica LiDAR scanning options on the market.


Price: $56,000 USD

Top Features: 

  • Autonomous capture mode 
  • 3D digital twin capability
  • GrandSLAM sensor fusion of LiDAR, radar, cameras and GNSS
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance flight safety
  • Hot-swap battery system
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use

Companion Software: BLK2FLY Live App

The Leica BLK2FLY scanner packs a lot of different laser scanning technology into one small, easy-to-use package. As the BLK2FLY’s name suggests, this laser scanner leverages aerial drone technology in order to provide a highly-precise, autonomous scanning experience in the air. This makes it an ideal choice for scanning large buildings, difficult-to-reach areas, and even rooftops. If you’re not well-versed in flying drones, you’ll be happy to know that training from Datum Tech Solutions and the user-friendly BLK2FLY Live App will have you scanning and flying in no time at all.

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Leica BLK2GO

Price: $49,000 USD

Top Features: 

  • Ultra portable
  • Wireless (app connection)
  • 24 hours of scanning (compressed data)
  • 6 hours of scanning (uncompressed data)
  • Exchangeable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Companion Software: BLK2GO Live app

For mobile mapping on the run, it’s hard to beat the Leica BLK2GO. With its unique, aluminum design that resembles a torch, this 3D scanner lets you capture scans while walking and holding it. For 3D point cloud capturing over, under, and around various objects, the Leica BLK2GO shines. This makes it ideal for corporate architecture and interior mapping.

Leica BLK360

Price: $19,077 USD

Top Features: 

  • Scans in high resolution, standard resolution, and fast resolutions
  • Compact: Weighs 1kg and only 165mm tall  
  • Less than 3 minutes for full-dome scan

Companion Software: ReCap Pro, Autodesk 

The smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner on the market, the dome-shaped Leica BLK360 was designed to capture full-color panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. This Leica 3D laser scanner is also known for its dynamic panoramic 3D models. As the most affordable 3D laser scanner on this list, the Leica BLK360 is a fair choice for those who are more price sensitive or budget conscious. This scanner even interfaces with the Leica BLK360 Tribrach Adapter for Standard Leica Tribrachs so that you can quickly attach it to any surveying tripod with ease.

If you’re still not quite sure which Leica LiDAR scanning solution is the best for your needs, feel free to reach out to a reputable 3D scanning business like Datum Tech Solutions to hear their thoughts. Our team specializes in 3D scanning and surveying equipment and we offer a variety of training programs for those new to 3D laser scanning. If you’re trying out a new model or want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck with a rental, reaching out to Datum Tech Solutions is a great way to ensure you have a smooth experience using your LiDAR scanning equipment.

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