Scan&Go's Level-Plane16R Bluetooth: Offering Precise Results On The Go

Scan&Go's Level-Plane 16 is a leveling platform that can be mounted on the roof bars of a vehicle. It functions as a cable controller for 3D laser survey equipment and operates Laser Scanners or Robotic Total Stations with an Android device. 

Let's dive in to see how Scan&Go Level-Plane 16 works, and the top features for this tool. 

What is Scan&Go Level-Plane 16?

When it comes to 3D laser surveying, Scan&GO is a leader in the field of topography and high-definition 3D surveying accessories. We are the North American distributor for Scan&Go products, and the Level-Plane 16 is a top resource to meet your laser scanning needs. 

The Leveler is equipped with a Radio controller, back-lit display, and keyboard, made of shockproof material resistant to dust and moisture - IP65. 

The Radio Controller operation range is about 50 meters and also offers a standard connection by cable. The Radio module complies with the standard regulation CE, FCC, IC, and TELEC.

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The static multi-axis platform was created for automatic and precise leveling. Made with anodized aluminum, it's weather and dustproof. This scanning tool is powered by a cable connection to the car lighter or a 12V battery. 

We love Scan&Go's Level-Plane 16 because it's scanners provide more accurate data through maintaining a level mount for the given scanner. It also works on an Android smartphone or tablet. 

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How it works 

  1. The Leveler comes with a cable controller and a mounting kit. The display shows the inclination of the platform on both the longitudinal and transversal axes.
  2. To operate this tool, press a button, and the system will automatically reach the horizontal position on both axes. 
  3. Once leveled, the Level-Plane 16B remains firm in the same position until you press the button again before the next scan session.
  4. Mount the device on your car, and bring it wherever you go to get precise data in minutes. 

In action: Watch how Scan&Go's Level-Plane 16 works in the field. 

Level-Plane 16B works with these accessories and survey equipment. 


  • LP16R: Level-Plane 16 Radio
  • UCR16: LP16 Radio Controller
  • CUC: Cable for Controller
  • UCR16: BUC Battery charger for Controller UCR16
  • STA: Roof bar brackets
  • CPC: Power Cable with connection to the car-lighter
  • BMT: Soft bag for Level-Plane 16R
  • BMA: Soft Bag for accessories
  • TRL: Trilock - Topographic tribach

When you need to get a job done, you need the best equipment you can count on. And when it comes to high-definition 3D scanning, Scan&Go products are known to help you reach new heights and new depths. 

Explore the full range of Scan&Go products to elevate the quality of your scans. 

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Scan&Go Level-Plane 16 Bluetooth

Level-Plane 16B is a static multi-axis platform created for automatic leveling. The level-plane ensures vertical extension with an accuracy of +/- 30” (or +/-3” with manual control) in all conditions.


  • The structure is made of anodized aluminum, externally with a PVC cover to protect the mechanical and electrical parts from severe weather conditions and dust. It's removable to ensure internal inspections – IP65. 
  • The top is made of stainless steel, specially designed for topographic tribrach with standard 5/8 “.
  • It is powered by a cable connection to the car-lighter  12 V-5 A. (it’s also possible to use autonomous power source, with 12V battery available as accessory). 
  • The Leveler is equipped with Cable controller, backlit display and keyboard, made of shockproof material resistant to dust and moisture – IP65. 
  • You can control the LP16B through an App which can be installed on any Android device (Smartphone or Tablet). 
  • The Bluetooth module complies to the standard regulation CE, FCC, IC and TELEC. Level-Plane 16B has been created for mounting on vehicle roof bars.
  • Temperature limit during the use of the equipment – 15° C + 50° C
  • Storage temperature limit – 30° C + 50° C


Data Spec Sheet

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