Improving Your Workflow: How Scan&Go is revolutionizing the 3D scanning workflow

When time is money, and precision is of the utmost value, Scan&Go products provide the latest in high-definition 3D scanning solutions. The Italian based company has transformed the once dreaded, large scan into a simple stroll (or drive) around the block, and taken 3D scanning to new heights (and depths). 

Datum Tech Solutions is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Scan&Go products. 

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Scan&Go delivers products you can count on. The technology integrates traditional 3D scanning and surveying methods with motorized mobility and height and depth accessibility, to provide an entirely different perspective of how we look at our workflow. The bottom line - it speeds up the process and extends the range and accuracy of data capture.

Products like Scan&Go's Upside Down Tripod make difficult underground spaces easily accessible for 3D scanning.  The setup takes approximately two minutes. Watch the video tutorial here. In addition to providing newfound vantage points, Scan&Go products also give us the option of bypassing multiple setups between scans. 

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Scanning large projects can be a long and grueling process, often encountering difficult situations, delaying  timelines by weeks, even months. That's why you need streamlined solutions to keep you on track and on budget. 

Explore the advantages of the Scan&Go products and how they can improve your workflow. 

Non-Invasive 3D scanning 

Products like the Upside Down Tripod allow you to reach inaccessible underground spaces that need scans at different depths. It's no longer necessary to physically reach the objects to be measured. 

Quality of Information from new vantage points 

Adding the element of height, or depth to a 3D scanner not only extends the reach of the scanner, but provides greater measurement range and increased quality of data capture.  Spaces usually inaccessible are now quickly and safely within reach.

Time Reduction 

3D scanning and survey times are reduced thanks to Scan&Go's revolutionary products that allow a single operator to perform tasks that typically require additional hands. The products offer features such as auto-leveling, scanner mobility, and easy setup, to streamline the data capture process and remove time consuming steps.  In business, time is money. Let us show you how Scan&Go products will save you money.   

Use the Scan&Go products with any 3D scanner

Improve your 3D scanning capabilities regardless of the scanner you are currently using.  Adapters are available to connect any 3D scanner to the wide range of Scan&Go products. Contact us today to learn how you can take your 3D scanning to new heights.  

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