Introducing the Scan&Go Upside Down Tripod for the first time in the U.S.

When you need to get a job done, you need the best equipment you can count on.

And when it comes to high-definition 3D scanning, Scan&Go products are known to help you reach new heights, and now new depths, with products you can rely on. 

Whether you’re part of a construction, an architecture, or an engineering team, Scan&Go products help improve your measurement range, workflow, speed, and precision when tackling large or complicated scan projects.

Based in Italy, the company's revolutionary design of the Upside Down Tripod makes it easy for your team to reach previously inaccessible underground spaces that require scans at different depths. 

Datum Tech Solutions is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Scan&Go products. Call us today to learn more about the products and services we offer. 

Who can benefit from Scan&Go products?

With the benefits of 3D scanning reaching far beyond the construction industry, Scan&Go remains in the forefront of technology to provide solutions for a wide range of sectors.  From surveyors, engineers, architects, general contractors, topographers, geologists, archeologists, as well as specialists in the infrastructure and forensic fields, Scan&Go makes 3D scanning and survey solutions more accessible to all.  The benefits are quickly realized in the reduction of time and manpower required, and the increase of range, field of view and productivity.


Scan&Go UpsideDown Tripod

Scan&Go Upside Down Tripod 

The Upside Down Tripod is a two-way steel tripod with a mechanical crank system to safely and easily lower a 3D scanner downward, perfect for scanning tanks, underground infrastructure or wells with any laser scanner. With the two included extensions the Upside Down Tripod reaches a depth of 4 feet, but up to 4 additional extensions can be added for a maximum depth of 17 feet. All metallic components (articulated parts, pressure knobs, leg braces, etc.) guarantee maximum durability and strength.

Features include: 

  • Heavy-duty non-slip rubber feet
  • Two extensions of 1 meter each (up to 4 additional extensions can be added)
  • Holding screw: 5/8" thread and 3/8" adapter
  • Strong and Secure Rack System 
  • Adjustable Legs    

Upside Down tripod ($1,950) adds new possibilities to meet your 3D scanning needs. 

Datum Tech Solutions is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Scan&Go products. Email us today for a quote

*Shipping may take up to 2-4 weeks, depending on availability. Call us to learn more. 

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