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Scan&Go makes 3D scanning and survey solutions more accessible to people in all industries and delivers top-notch results while saving you time. When it comes to high-definition 3D scanning, Scan&Go products can help you scan hard to reach and complicated projects. The company is based in Italy, and as the exclusive U.S. distributor, we carry a range of Scan&Go's top products. In this guide, we'll break down some of our favorite Scan&Go products revolutionizing 3D scanning. 

Scan&Go Level-Lift Roof 


Used in conjunction with Level-Plane 16R, Level-Lift Roof is ideal for land, infrastructural, architectural, and structural surveying. It features a support plate and a solid frame that allows you to mount this product on the roof rack of any vehicle so you can get a firm and stable scan session. Watch the video on YouTube. 

Scan&Go Upside Down Tripod

Hard to reach areas are no match for Upside down tripod. This telescopic lifter is easy to set up and simple to use and move. It also features a secure and robust rack system, so you can feel comfortable you'll get the results you'll need in one go. 

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Scan&Go Level-Lift Box

When you use Level-Lift Box with Level-Plane 16R, you can save surveying time, decrease the scanning sessions number, and provide a significant increase of measurement range. It's composed of a compact lifting box with a hydraulic system, an aluminum frame, and a handle for manual lifting. It's also worth noting, this device can handle a heavy load, up to 110 lbs. Learn more here. 

Scan&Go Level-Plane16R

Equipped with a Radio controller and mounting kit, the Level-Plane16R is a static multi-axis platform created for automatic (non-dynamic) leveling to ensure total verticality of the equipment with an accuracy of +/- 30" (or +/-3" with manual control) in all vehicle inclination conditions. We love it because all you have to do is press a button to reach the horizontal position on both axes automatically. The structure is made of anodized aluminum, externally with a PVC cover to protect the mechanical and electrical parts from severe weather conditions and dust. Learn more here. 

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Scan&Go Uplift500

Made of painted steel, with manual lifting composed of 4 sections, Scan&Go UPLIFT500 is a telescopic lifter. It's easy to use, and the setup time and uninstall time takes approximately 10 minutes, which saves you time in the field. UPLIFT500 also provides a significant increase in the 3D Laser Scanner measuring range. It comes with a soft bag for all the accessories, and a wind bracing kit. Learn more here. 


Scan&Go makes 3D scanning fast and easy and delivers precise results without the use of hard to set up and bulky equipment. Interested in learning more about Scan&Go's top products? Send us a message.

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