Meet the Team: Reid Flamm, CTO and Gamer Extraordinaire

Wrangling our CTO, Reid Flamm, to sit down and answer some questions for us was one of, if not the most challenging task we had for the better parts of June, July and August.  So it is with our utmost pleasure to announce that we finally harassed him just enough so that he caved and agreed to answer all of our questions. If you didn't know what the role of CTO was before, I can confidently report that it means, Chief of being the busiest person this side of the Mississippi. 

How did you get started as a Chief Technology Officer in the construction industry? 

Originally, I was heavily focused and involved in the world of video game development, working as a game designer and learning as much as I could about how to develop and use game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine. After working in that field for a few years, I began to explore other realms of 3D development, and through Stan and Amy, the founders of Datum Tech, learned about and discovered the world of 3D Laser Scanning, and got involved in that field at Datum Tech right when it was being established within the company. After helping run the Laser Scanning department with Stan for a few years, and learning and adapting to the fast paced world of construction, I began to shift focus to being more involved in discovering new software and hardware on the cutting edge of the industry. As a result, the natural shift for me within Datum Tech was to being more involved on the high-level for new technologies, and as a result to driving that part of the company. 

How long have you been working with Datum Tech, and what's your favorite part about working here?
I have been working at Datum Tech for about 3 years now, and it has been an amazing trajectory into the world of new technology and reality capture. My favorite part about working here has definitely got to be the constant involvement and discovery in ways to push us forward in the construction and reality capture industry.

 What is your favorite Datum Tech Solutions product to use, and why? 

My favorite Datum Tech Solutions product to use has definitely got to be the RTC360 Laser Scanner! Having used terrestrial laser scanners nonstop over the last few years, the ability to align in the field in real-time while scanning has been a huge time-saver. That, in addition to the extremely short time per scan has revolutionized the scanning market, and my overall scanning workflow.


What are your favorite things to do in the Pacific Northwest? 

Living in the North West, there are so many opportunities to get outside and explore nature. I’d say some of my favorite things are biking on one of the many bike trails around Seattle, or driving out to the Olympic Peninsula and exploring the many wonderful hiking trails and small towns. 

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