When Precision and Accuracy Matter; Putting the RTC360 Scanning Technology to the Test (With Examples!)

When it comes to your construction projects, there is little to no room for mistakes. That's why your team needs tools you can rely on to get the job done right - the first time.  Contractors in all industries turn to the Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner for this easy to use, precise scanning tool that captures environments in 3D. 

How it works 

Within minutes, the RTC360 collects data from your worksite, giving you high-quality imagery and spatial data to streamline your workflow. A tablet controls the portable hardware and starts scanning with the push of a button.

That data captured shows results in real-time, even in environments that are challenging. We love putting the RTC360 to the test. Time after time, the scans are fast, agile, and precise. The right combination you need to manage project complexities.  

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If you're not convinced yet, take a look at the data. 

We tested the RTC360 on the World Peace Bell in Newport, Kentucky. 


At 66,000 lbs and 12-feet diameter by 12 feet high, the World Peace Bell is the world's largest free swinging bell

Our Founder, Stanley Lawarence stood beneath the enormous bell and thought, “was it possible? Could the World Peace Bell be scanned?” 

Challenge accepted. 

Within minutes, the RTC360 was set up and ready to be put to the test

These 3D images prove the RTC360 could work on even the most detailed structures: 



In our Scanning the Impossible series, we also examined how the RTC360 worked on "The Bean" in Chicago. 


Officially called Cloud Gate, the outdoor work installation is a 110-ton elliptical sculpture forged of a seamless series of highly polished stainless steel plates. 

As noted in our original post about this specific scan, because of the structure's reflective surface, the overall consensus was that it would be impossible to scan the object. It had really become a battle of the RTC360 scanning the impossible. However, the results proved to be a bit shocking. The data showcased exceptional results but didn't capture everything. Even so, the technology is impressive. 


When you need an eye for detail, reliability, and accuracy, you can't settle for a compromise. 

Not only is it designed to capture rooms and navigate up and downstairs, but it also avoids conflicts with existing structures. The 3D model scans and records your moves from station to station to boost your team's awareness. It focuses on what's important and quickly conducts quality control checks to help your organization make better-informed decisions on site. 

Interested in testing out the equipment for yourself? 

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