Laser Scanning Equipment and Services Delivers Accurate Facility Audits Enabling Most Effective Solutions for Future Workplace Adaptations

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we view the world and the way we interact with each other. We can anticipate changes in the spaces where we work and play, and perhaps even some of the places we may live, such as shared spaces in multi-family and senior living residences. 


Laser scanning brings a multitude of value to a broad range of professionals involved with modifying and building out future space, including:

  • Facility and property managers looking to audit existing spaces and confirm as-built conditions before embarking on potential modifications.
  • Designers and engineers modeling current and future passenger flows through our airports and public transportation systems.
  • Contractors building out existing spaces who need a better understanding of the building systems and their conditions within.

Datum Tech Solutions offers a broad range of equipment, laser scanning services and consulting to provide highly accurate and precise scans of the spaces we inhabit.  Not only does this provide valuable information for future modifications, it can also help keep the myriad team members involved in a remodel or retrofit safe – eliminating the need for in-person site visits by providing the team with highly accurate data – virtually. 

Both corporate facilities managers and real estate companies are looking to make modifications to ensure their tenants and employees feel safe as they begin to return to the workplace. Leaders at institutional facilities such as higher education and K-12 are looking for ways to enable social distancing and reduce or eliminate physical touchpoints such as entryways and elevators. Beyond these outwardly visible systems, there are considerations for other modifications of building life safety systems, regardless of any given building’s use.  



With some of the most recent COVID-19 studies showing the potential for increased risk of airborne transmission within enclosed spaces, many facilities and operations managers are looking to improve indoor air quality by improving ventilation and increasing the amount of outside air intake. Yet some of these potential changes may affect energy demand and usage. Laser scanning helps enhance the coordination of systems and utilities, ensuring optimum performance.  By using Datum’s 3D laser scanners or laser scanning services, highly accurate surface data and high definition imagery provides engineers with the knowledge to understand the best options for modifications. 

HVAC and their associated controls systems are integral to building performance. Having an accurate picture of the spatial data of existing systems is key to any successful modification. Every pipe or duct within an HVAC system relates to many other components, whether it’s the hangars, sleeves and other components that support the HVAC system itself, or the other integrated electrical, fire alarm  or structural systems within the walls or ceilings. Having an accurate digital representation of existing conditions and precise locations becomes invaluable to making the right decisions going forward. 

Laser scanning helps save time (= money!) otherwise spent on manual inspections and review of as-builts.  Laser scanning also ensures any modifications not previously documented over the years are now accounted for, ensuring quality data and accuracy to move ahead with any proposed changes.  The laser scans can quickly capture accurate measurements of any and all HVAC equipment, ensuring any new equipment that may need to be integrated is a seamless fit. 

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