As States Are Reopening For Business Here's What We Are Doing to Help : Datum Tech Solutions Game Plan

After weeks of practicing social distancing, and learning how to adapt to the new normal, restrictions are easing in Washington, and across the country. It's been an adjustment for everyone, including business owners, who have had to either shut down or pivot the way they do business. 

Our General Manager, Bob Rice, reviews our plans for the business and how we're aiming to help you with the transition when social distancing orders are lifted. 

Datum Tech Solutions: Our Game Plan 

While it may be too early to know COVID-19’s long-term effects on the construction industry, we’re ready and available to help. "Datum Tech is poised to provide support in as-built survey and mapping services, as well as provide financing packages designed to help mitigate the impact of capital technology investments," says Rice. 

Adapting to Change 

One thing we know for sure is that there will be some changes. As offices restructure, we know a sought-after service will be DT’s ability to quickly digitize an environment for Design professionals to integrate that data into their software for different layout options. "We anticipate an initial turn to outsourcing reality capture services in helping to develop digital twins of the built world. While larger companies have adopted the tools, talent, and strategies needed to digitize environments, the majority of firms involved with creating three dimensional, digitally accurate representations of structures will not have the internal resources at hand," says Rice. Datum Tech Solutions can provide valuable consultative and service support.

Tools To Keep On Your Radar  

During this time, we've been keeping a close watch on the tools that have proven to stand out above the rest. "Our RTC360 continues to reign supreme over similar tools," says Rice. "Its ability to provide highly accurate data beneath HDR imagery in quick fashion to industry professionals needing quick, digital representations of their subject makes it a winner."


When it comes to accessing hard to reach areas or places that have been locked down due to the pandemic, our drone photogrammetry work has been very useful. Leica's total station tools have also been useful to the firms doing "essential" project layouts in the concrete, MEP, and building survey work.

Here at Datum Tech Solutions, we want to see your business thrive. Whether your business needs BIM training or support using scanning products, our team can walk you through the process and show you how to use the tools. Let's work together as several industries across the country start to reopen. Contact us today to help you optimize your workflow. 



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