Need To Get a 3D Replica of Your Job Site Quickly? You Can Count On Us

We understand that many organizations are learning how to adapt to current conditions without putting their employees at risk. Industries are learning how to pivot how they do business, and we know there is still a great need in the market to capture the existing conditions for construction projects quickly. If you need to get a 3D replica of your job site quickly, you can count on us to deliver. 


How to keep your business running? 

Even if a job site is temporarily closed, teams can access site data and do remote inspections to keep projects on schedule. For construction, there is a new sense of urgency in having a precise digital replica of their existing conditions so organizations can make informed decisions while working remotely. Continuing operations will help organizations stay afloat during the current crisis. 


We have two options to help you get the job done. 

  1. BIM Training & Support to streamline workflow and save time and money. 
  2. We provide a team of experts who can operate our 3D Laser Scanners and Total Robotic Stations on-site. 

Option 1 - Do it yourself 

Here at Datum Tech Solutions, we want to see your business thrive. It's our main priority. That's why we offer customized proper equipment packages with our training programs to fit your organization's job-specific needs. Get options to purchase or rent Datum Tech Solutions products needed for long-term success. 



We offer a one-on-one training approach and ongoing tech support. We want you to feel confident to be able to capture Reality capture solutions such as laser scanning. Our goal is to create a seamless integration between employees who are working from home and working in the field. 



Option 2 - Let us do it for you 

We are experts who are passionate about providing innovative solutions and empowering services to keep your workflow optimized. We understand how the tools work, the benefits of each one, and which ones are better suited for each specific project. We have a team of experts who specialize in operating our 3D Laser Scanners and Total Robotic Stations on-site.


Contact us to discuss which options better suit your organization. We're in this together.