New Leica Cyclone 9.3.2 Officially Touches Land

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New Features & What You Need to Know

The market's leader in point cloud processing software has officially released its LATEST UPDATE. After much anticipation from BIM specialists abroad, Leica's Cyclone 9.3.2 is here to upgrade the way you optimize workflow. From fine tuning previous issues to offering new and improved functions, the renowned construction software continues to provide newfound opportunity for the industry that we love.

The Basics

Cyclone 9.3.2 is compatible with both the BLK360 and the newest ScanStation P / 50, streamlining HDR Imagery at a whole new level of efficiency. Once downloaded, the installer will automatically set up:

  • Cyclone BASIC
  • Cyclone MODEL
  • Cyclone SURVEY
  • Cyclone IMPORTER
  • Cyclone REGISTER
  • Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER
  • Cyclone SERVER

Furthermore, users can take advantage of free view in Cyclone VIEWER mode and those who already have an active CCP for Cyclone REGISTER also have the ability to run Cyclone REGISTER 360.

The Changes

Publishing bugs, such as incorrect coloring in E57 and PTX files, have been considered and solved. With the recent development in software, Cyclone 9.3.2 no longer supports Windows 32-bit operating systems. Also, regarding compatibility, upgrading from versions 8.1.3 and earlier is not available. If you are upgrading from 6.0.x - 9.3.x make sure that you have Administrator-level privileges. Lastly to mention, during a Pegasus data import, scanner locations will no longer be visible in the ModelSpace when automatically created.

Solid Solutions

If you already have a valid license for Cyclone 9.3.x or later, or a valid CCP, or you have a CCP valid as of June, 2018, then Cyclone 9.3.2 is available to you with no new license required! 

We're proud to provide construction software that operates efficiently, promises reliability, and guarantees accuracy. Such solutions are key to get projects done faster, safer, and at a lower cost.

If you want to learn how to implement Cyclone 9.3.2 into your workflow for increased optimization, or stay up to date with other software updates, then don't forget to bookmark our Software Updates Page!

Our favorite products featured in this blog

Leica Cyclone 3DR Software

Leica Cyclone 3DR Software provides a comprehensive workflow from field data collection to registration and deliverable creation. This powerful software works seamlessly with the entire Cyclone product family, creating a consistent experience for users. Utilize this software for efficient and accurate data management.

Leica Cyclone 3DR Software combines JetStream technology for centralized point cloud processing and automated analysis/modeling into one powerful workflow-based application. This software is tailored to the surveying, construction, and inspection industries, with features for inspection, meshing, and modelling that enable the quick creation of 3D deliverables and reports.

Cyclone 3DR key benefits:

  • Sensor agnostic projects powered by JetStream or industry-standard exchange formats
  • Touch Mode workflows bring the power of Cyclone 3DR to the field
  • Fast, light and flexible meshing tools
  • Inspection and measurement for design-in-context
  • Domain-centric workflows for AEC, Survey and Tank Inspection, such as Scan-to-Plan, Clash Analysis, Building Extractor, Cross Section Analysis and more
  • Advanced customization through a rich scripting engine
  • Reporting that conforms to industry standards (e.g., Tank Inspection to API 650/653)
  • Flexible texturing capabilities
  • Robust QA operations
  • Full interoperability with common design formats, including IFC and Revit model files and time-saving features like send to AutoCAD or send to Hexagon MinePlan
  • Automatic feature extraction
  • Powerful scripting engine
  • DSM/DTM creation
  • Contour extraction and much more

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