Meet the Team: Pearl Stedman, Accounting Manager, and Outdoor Enthusiast


We don't just have people in the field working for you; we have a whole team of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes to provide innovative solutions to keep your workflow optimized. Meet Pearl Stedman, an Accounting Manager and explorer of the PNW. She's been working for Datum Tech solutions since 2017 and enjoys going to the islands, being outside with friends, and visiting new places. 

How did you get started as an Accounting Manager for Datum Tech Solutions? 

I was originally hired as the Office Manager/Bookkeeper for Datum Tech Solutions when we were located in North Queen Anne. I have been fortunate to learn and manage many aspects of the operations, from the "ground up." This included shipping and receiving, assembly of equipment, inventory tracking, quote writing, customer service, office management, and bookkeeping. This gave me a sound base from which to jump so that I was able to provide more comprehensive client support, take on growing responsibilities in accounting and business administration, and train new employees.

What's the best advice you've ever received while working in this industry? 

Be flexible, attentive, and work together.

How do you stay productive while working from home? 

I try to manage my time so that I have blocks of hours when I commit to staying at my desk while focusing only on work. I have also found that clearing the area around my desk of personal projects and belongings, and remaining organized in my workspace, helps to minimize distractions and reduces interruptions.

You're behind the scenes and constantly hearing from Datum Tech clients - what is the most rewarding thing you've heard from a Datum Tech Solutions client? 

As I have often been a point of contact for purchasing managers, I have had the pleasure of directly receiving some glowing compliments for our work here at Datum Tech Solutions. The most rewarding emails express how impressed the customers were by the knowledgeable assistance, quick responses, and the extra miles we went to fulfill their operational demands.

How long have you been working with Datum Tech Solutions, and what's your favorite part about working here?

I have been working here since June 2017. The people are my favorite part. I have enjoyed working as a team while we grow as a business. Also, It's exciting to be able to play a supporting role in our expanding contribution to the success of our client's building projects. 

What is your favorite service or product that Datum Tech Solutions offers, and why? 

I am in awe of the commitment to customer support that I've seen, from Datum Tech Solutions, from top to bottom. The effort, time, and literal miles I've seen colleagues put into ensuring excellent (almost 24 hours) support and fast order fulfillment have been extraordinary. So, I would have to say, originally, the training and tech support was my favorite service we provided. However, now that we have more experts and the very latest scanning technology for construction (and other industries), I'm excited about the advanced services we can perform in scanning and BIM.

What are your hobbies? 

Originally from the remote, North California coast, I enjoy being outdoors and kayaking, hiking, and camping. I love exploring the Puget Sound landscape, and it's towns. Other relished past times are trying new cuisines (at home and out with friends) and visiting family back home. I have also always had an interest in history and culture. The hobbies I would most like to revisit include increasing my foreign language skills and traveling abroad more. 

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