Maximizing the Value of Laser Scanning: Quality Control and Training is Always Key

When it comes to accurate and precise results, laser scanning tools deliver data in minutes. These tools can speed up building projects and streamline workflows. Yet, despite these huge advancements in technology, it is always a good idea to have someone check the work

Datum Tech Solutions is renowned for our comprehensive training and support on Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. Our goal is to streamline workflow to save our clients both time and money. Our one-on-one training approach and ongoing tech support offer a combination of hardware and software experience, creating a seamless integration between the employees in the field and the architects in the office.  


When using new tools, it’s not unusual to experience a learning curve. While robotic and non-robotic Total Stations, 3D scanners, and Global Positioning Systems are easy to use, we walk you through the process to make these tools work for you correctly, the first time. 

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Many of the laser scanners are as simple as clicking a button, but a good training foundation can help spot errors in the field. Each product has its own unique attributes and may require specific methods of observation for quality control. 

Tools in the field

The iCON gps 70 T offers reliable traceability by storing tilt values with each measurement and improves the quality control of any measured point. The permanent tilt compensation extends the measurement possibilities on any construction site and enhances the quality and accuracy of the collected data. We offer on-site support, technical support, repairs, and preventative maintenance, carried out by experts. 


Datum Tech Solutions is pushing the envelope by scanning what some would perceive as impossible. With our tools, knowledge in the industry, and hardware training, we train teams on how to succeed in both the office and the field. Our global team of highly-skilled and experienced support engineers and service technicians are committed to helping you meet your deadlines and reduce your downtime.

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