Datum Tech Solutions Boise Calibration Center: Your One Stop Shop For Total Station Maintenance

Getting the most from your total station involves following proper care and maintenance guidelines to keep the instrument in tip-top shape. However, with intricate pieces of surveying equipment such as the Leica Total Station, that task is sometimes easier said than done.

Finding a reliable resource to help you calibrate your surveying equipment is thus instrumental in getting the most out of your tools and increasing longevity.

 While service technicians are one path to getting your Leica Total Station properly calibrated, it seems like these kinds of experts can be few and far between. This is where Datum Tech Solutions comes in.

We’ve endeavored to make a lasting impact on our local community of construction and surveying professionals to ensure that they have a calibration solution that meets their needs, budget and schedule.

Read this interview with service manager Erin Hanek to learn more about how Datum Tech’s new calibration center in Boise, ID helps you get the most out of your total station.

What motivated Datum Tech Solutions to create its new calibration center in Boise?

Erin Hanek: We recognized a demand in the industry. I believe there is a shortage of service technicians, making turnaround times for calibrations and repairs take longer than anticipated. 

We want to make sure our customers don’t have to wait. Additionally, Datum Tech Solutions maintains a decent size rental fleet that needs regular servicing. Boise is a great central location, where construction is booming, and it’s the homeland of Stanley Lawrence, Datum Tech’s Co-Founder.


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Why is calibration so important for Leica Total Stations, and what does Datum Tech Solutions offer in this regard with the calibration center?

A total station, like many other precision tools, is adjustable on a very small scale.  Everyday use and the environment will have an affect on these saved values, both mechanically and electronically.

To retain the accuracy of the equipment and confidence of the user, regular inspections and adjustments are advised. How often one needs to do this will vary, but a good service plan would include the yearly certification, supplemented with field calibrations in between. 

In the shop we focus on providing consistent service and quality. Only certified, ESD trained employees will be handling any repairs. The environment in the service room is focused on preventing the unintended ‘zap’ of electronics through ESD or ElectroStatic Discharge.

The flooring, benches, chairs and mats are all made of ESD safe materials and we use a special tool to test all of it.  Many of the testing devices themselves are required to be certified through an accredited calibration lab.

It is also required that we keep in the service room a Silver certified 1” instrument to maintain the collimator and baseline. The collimator is a tool with all the ‘scopes’ and the baseline is a maintained and recorded distance that we compare all other instruments to.

Every instrument that ships from Datum’s Boise location will have been inspected and have a sticker somewhere on the device that reflects who completed it and when.  This includes all rental units and every new or used instrument sold.  

What should people expect when working with you for their calibration needs?

Anyone looking for service for Leica total stations can reach out to our team via email service@datumtechsolutions.com. We will ask a few questions about the service needed and provide instructions for shipping the equipment. Save all tracking numbers until you are sure it has been received. 

A quote will be provided only after a qualified technician has evaluated the equipment.  This can be as quick as a couple days on a total station that only needs adjustments and firmware.

What kinds of services does the calibration center offer?

When customers ask for calibration there are two options. The first is a Check & Adjust service that will collimate the angle and electronic compensation systems, check laser alignments and accuracy, bubble vials, sights and clean the outside surfaces of your total station.

The other option for calibration is a thorough inspection which gives our clients a certificate stating the device currently meets the manufacturing specifications and all test procedures and protocols have been passed. A Blue CCP will cover the cost of this yearly, one time inspection and certificate along with firmware and support for the duration of that CCP.

All repairs with major components replaced will automatically include this inspection and certificate. 

Additionally, we can completely overhaul and perform most repairs on the Leica iCON, TS and TPS total stations. Older total stations, usually three years or older, can really benefit from what we call our “extended maintenance” package. This is a complete tear down where the focus is really to replace broken down grease and inspect moving parts for wear.  Finally re-assembling with fresh grease and fresh adjustments.  

 Total stations are not the only equipment we work on! We can service Leica GPS and rotating lasers along with all the other hardware that comes with these kits including tripods, bipods, rods, levels, etc.  

How should people reach out to Datum Tech if they want to collaborate on calibration for their surveying equipment?

Emailing service@datumtechsolutions.com will go to myself and a small group of people. Additionally, the following emails may also be helpful if you have questions about your total station: 

  • productsupport@datumtechsolutions.com
  • salessupport@datumtechsolutions.com
  • rentals@datumtechsolutions.com

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