Case Study: 3D Laser Scans of DeLaurenti Food & Wine at the Historic Pike Place Market

When Heliotrope Architects was hired by DeLaurenti Food & Wine to breathe new life into what once was the Pike Place Market newsstand, the team of local Architects and Designers knew they were embarking on a very special historical preservation project. DeLaurenti sits adjacent to the newsstand that closed its doors at the end of 2019. DeLaurenti owner Matt Snyder and manager Nate Plutko are keen on preserving the history of the landmark and turned to Heliotrope and Datum Tech Solutions to ensure that visitors and locals alike will be able to enjoy the space that they’ve come to know and love for years to come. 


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3D Laser Scanning Benefits

In this case study the benefits of 3D laser scanning are two-fold. To start, the point cloud will allow DeLaurenti Food & Wine and Heliotrope Architects to present the project scope and final product to the Pike Place Market Historical Commission. The commission is responsible for setting design standards, reviewing applications for changes to properties within the historic district and approving changes to business use (among many other responsibilities). 

The Pike Place Market Historical District sits on a seven-acre plot that Seattleites voted to preserve back in 1971. It houses 525 stores that sell everything from fresh seafood to vintage beads for the eccentric jewelry maker.

"Each year more than 10 million visitors meander around the historic market in search of a slice of Seattle heaven."

Its rich history and its symbolism as a Pacific Northwest treasure are two of many reasons why 3D laser scanning technology is an important aspect of this project.

Whenever a new use for a space is proposed at a historic district, there are 8 in Seattle, the architect (in this case) must bring all plans and specifications before the board for a certificate of approval. Heliotrope Architects must familiarize themselves with the laundry list of guidelines that include regulations around zoning, use, structure, design, physical expression, lighting and signage, to name a few. 3D laser scans are instrumental in making this proposal process streamlined and cost effective. 

The point cloud produced by Datum Tech Solutions will assist Heliotrope architects and designers in creating a perfectly scaled 3D rendering of what the area will look like once it’s completed. In addition, all parties involved will have the ability and option of keeping a digital twin of the original space on record to pull out when and if they need it.


3D Laser Scanning with the RTC360 at Pike Place Market


The second benefit of 3D laser scanning, in this particular instance, is multifaceted. If a team of designers, architects or engineers opts to go the route of having a 3D laser scan rendered by a professional firm they can expect the following benefits. 

  • Reduce travel to and from the project site
  • Create a scalable 3D model while safeguarding against potential damage to structure
  • Useful in retrofitting or refurbishing structures
  • Pinpoint accuracy using millions of data points
  • Save time as compared to manual measurements
  • Much less obtrusive than manual measurements
  • Aids in the creation of BIM models 
  • Avoid conflicts between architectural features and systems
  • All data can be shared via cloud technology easily and effectively


The Required Equipment + Software 

Scanning the small but beautiful walkable “kiosk” which was once the newsstand required Datum Tech Solutions to bring the RTC 360 and Jetstream software.


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Collaboration Across the Puget Sound

Now more than ever teams are looking for avenues for remote communication and collaboration. At Datum Tech Solutions we’re always revealing new ways for teams to communicate no matter where they’re located or what time zone they’re in. This is the beauty of 3D laser scanning technology. Mora and the Delaurenti Food & Wine team can communicate effortlessly with a 3D scan of the former newsstand in hand. From the comfort of their homes and offices they can share renderings and information that’s pertinent to the historical district project. 

The team at Datum Tech Solutions offers six software solutions that pair seamlessly with its product offerings. Reid Flamm, Datum Tech Solutions CTO, brings his passion for technological development and design to each and every project. So whether you’re new to the world of 3D laser scanning technology or you’re coming to the table with years of experience, Flamm can guide your team over any software-related hurdles you may face. 

We invite you to connect with one of our experts before you begin any restoration projects in 2021. 


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