4 Benefits Of Owning A 3D Laser Scan Of Your Building

3D laser scanner in front of construction site.


The global construction industry as well as the international real estate industry can reap great rewards from owning a 3D laser scan of a building. Over the years, market research has proven the value of laser scanners and 3D surveying equipment in a variety of industries, especially as they relate to BIM. The digital assets provided by laser scanning technology offer both owners and developers with data-rich information that’s highly accessible and innovative, saving teams time and money, reducing job site risks all while increasing efficiency and precision. If you’re considering renting or purchasing laser scanning equipment that will catalyze your business forward, you’ve definitely come to the right place. In this week’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the benefits of owning a 3D laser scan of your building

Benefit #1 - Increase Efficiency

Owning a 3D laser scan means that you will reduce the time your team spends manually capturing project data, allowing your team to prioritize their workflow and spend more time on pressing project deliverables. As it’s much quicker than traditional mapping methods, 3D laser scanners and 3D surveying equipment offer unparalleled efficiency for teams both on the site and in the office. In short, data can be shared among all members of a team to assist with remote coordination. Traditional data collection methods are time consuming and often daunting, taking teams weeks or months to complete. Depending on the scope of the project at hand, data collection and surveying with a 3D laser scanner can take a few hours to complete and in some cases just a day or two. 


Benefit #2 - Reduce Risk

Many workplace environments can pose risk, injury or illness to your team. Access to a 3D laser scan allows survey and measurement practices to be performed remotely keeping your business and your employees safe while reducing the demand for costly health and safety measures. 3D laser scanners allow teams to expedite the capture of data, which when coupled with a laser scanner’s remote sensing abilities, minimizes your team’s exposure to a hazardous or risky environment. If safety is of the utmost importance to your company’s objectives, 3D laser scanners offer promising and undeniable benefits. 

Benefit #3 - Save Time & Money

With a 3D laser scan of your building, your business can maintain a competitive edge in any rapidly expanding industry, from construction and architecture to real estate and hospitality. 


The ability to take non-contact, remote measurements is especially vital for time-sensitive projects. Your team will have more flexibility to spend time with clients, expanding business prospects and completing deliverables.


Precise and detailed scans also allow teams to create very detailed workflows, in turn greatly reducing the need for any last minute changes or unforeseen roadblocks that are often unavoidable if data had been collected manually. With a 3D laser scan of your building in tow, your team has access to precise measurements that can be used to prefabricate materials, build portions of the project offsite, minimize on-site changes and ultimately minimize waste. 


Benefit #4 - Enhance Precision

3D laser scanners capture data with an unparalleled display of precision in a short period of time. Long gone are the days of measuring by hand which can often result in errors and cost your team time. 

When the existing conditions of a project are made available to all team members, there is  no confusion as to what needs to be executed in order to get a job completed on time and within budget. When data is completely free from errors all team members can proceed with a level of confidence that can’t be assured with manual measurements and data collection. In the construction industry, for example, it’s imperative that a team follows extremely precise parameters and development codes … 3D laser scanners and 3D surveying equipment make this attainable. 

When a project is precise from the onset, the need for rework will be reduced. When using a 3D laser scan of a building, existing structure, architects, engineers and construction professionals are able to use the same point cloud from the beginning of the project through to the end. 

To view a comprehensive list of laser scanners, total stations and Scan&Go technology please visit our site today. If you’ve never worked with a laser scanner, are interested in renting equipment for an upcoming project or simply interested in growing your skill base we recommend connecting with one of our experts here at Datum Tech Solutions.

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