3D Scanning And The Leica RTC360 Play Vital Roles in Manufacturing Facility Upfit

While there are numerous benefits to renting 3D laser scanners, like the Leica RTC360, many people opt to employ a team of experts to perform scans for upfits, especially if the requirements of the project require specialized training and experience with Leica equipment. A company like Datum Tech Solutions offers training and rental support for 3D laser scanners such as the Leica BLK360 and Leica P50; but our expert team also gets called in to fully complete the scanning required for upfit jobs from start to finish. 

Recently, Datum Tech Solutions was engaged to consult on a project in Fredericksburg, Iowa. A food grade manufacturing facility that was currently being used for dairy processing and distribution was on the market. The use of 3D scanning and imagery allowed the sellers to share very detailed information about the development opportunities with prospective buyers. 

Learn about upfitting jobs and how Datum Tech used laser scanning to deliver valuable digital assets for their client on this unique project.

What Is An “Upfit” Renovation Project?

In the world of commercial real estate, an upfit job (also known as a build out) typically refers to one where modifications are made in order to make the property more flexible for business owners. 

One of the main focuses of an upfit job hinges on activity-based working. By delineating open and closed-off spaces for workers, as well as making other upgrades, an upfit job is a great way to attract the attention of a variety of tenants who understand the impact that this sort of construction has on a commercial property prior to a sale. Some other common upgrades that occur during a build out include new HVAC systems, electric work, or plumbing. 

In the case of the dairy processing and distribution facility, Datum Tech Solutions needed to scan the interior and exterior of the building. From there, these scans can be integrated into the Building Information Modeling workflow to ensure the accuracy of new designs. With the 3D laser scans in tow, all teams involved are able to explore the upfit opportunities. 3D laser scanners are invaluable tools for capturing three-dimensional data that can then be used to produce accurate as-builts.

The Project: Dairy Processing & Distribution Facility in Fredericksburg, IA

Located at 341 S. Jefferson Ave., the dairy processing and distribution facility was a massive property up for for sale. With room to expand, over 115 acres of land, and an impressive 64,872 SF of freezer/cooler space with high end low stage cooling and ammonia, photos and old dated blur prints weren’t going to do this property justice. 

Datum Tech Solutions was brought in to scan the entire facility for repurposing to a new manufacturing industry. With these scans, prospective tenants could imagine upfit possibilities.

How Did Datum Tech Solutions Help?

This was a large scale project that required floor flatness reporting among other tasks. Leveraging two different 3D laser scanners, the Leica P50 and Leica RTC360, Datum Tech was able to accurately capture three-dimensional data in order to produce accurate as-builts. These scans and BIM data provide a flexible array of projects related to the build out and property development. 

A few common ways that BIM data and 3D point cloud scans are used in real estate development projects such as these include:

  • Generating accurate square footages which can be used for both leasing and tax purposes.
  • Integration with Building Information Modeling workflow to maintain accuracy of new designs.
  • Offering prospective tenants accurate as-builts while they lay out their upfit project.
  • Quality control activities during construction.

Thanks to Datum Tech’s ability to 3D scan the entire environment and generate 360 HDR photos and point cloud data, a virtual viewer can be tapped to “fly-through” the reality capture to collaborate and pull measurements. Additionally, the point cloud data can be entered into software solutions like CAD or Autodesk Revit for manipulation.

Clearly, 3D laser scanning and data point cloud technology can play a big role in a variety of industries. From real estate and manufacturing, as evidenced above, to asset management, facilities management, space planning and tenant improvement, generating a detailed 3D scan or environment of a building provides a host of parties with accurate information on which to act upon. In the instance of 341 S. Jefferson Ave., the scans created by Datum Tech Solutions will play a pivotal role in providing prospective tenants accurate as-builts so they can lay out their upfit project.  

Curious to see how Datum Tech Solutions can help you on your next upfit or commercial real estate job? Contact us to learn about consulting, training, equipment repairs, and 3D scanner rental information.

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