Datum Tech Solutions Provides Training for Houston Project

Datum Tech Solutions is onsite in Houston today, providing one of the nation's top trusted names in electrical contracting, Power Design Inc. with our one-on-one training for the iCON 50 Robot

Stanley Lawrence joined the La Colombe D’Or project to educate the crew on how to operate and efficiently utilize the iCON 50, thus, introducing them to the true meaning of an optimized workflow.

Datum Tech Solutions BIM Training for Power Design Inc.

With our renowned BIM training, the Houston crew can now get the most productivity out of their projects by increasing the functionality of their layout work and as-built checks by decreasing unnecessary manpower. 

Stay tuned for more updates from the field as we continue to do what we love and what we do best: provide innovative solutions to keep your project's productivity optimized.

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Leica iCON Robot 50

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Leica iCON Robot 50 is designed specifically for ease of use within the construction & engineering industry, simply level the instrument and go.

To increase your productivity by doing layout work and as-built checks yourself. With iCON Robot 50, you don’t need an operator at the instrument. The robotic total station can be operated from the field controller at the prism pole, at the point you need positioning.

The iCON Robot 50 Also Delivers:

  • Most accurate reflectorless measurements in its class
  • One-button keyboard for simple operation
  • Faster prism search by PowerSearch (patented technology)
  • Superior tracking performance ensures minimum machine downtime in machine control operation
  • Flexible data communication: WLAN (150m range) or Long-range Bluetooth® (350m). Simply upgrade your communication by swapping the instrument handle
  • Easy hand-over control from rover to machine control and vice versa
  • One-person robotic
  • With industry-leading tracking performance and the patented PowerSearch technology, iCON robot 50 allows you to finish jobs faster maintaining highest accuracy.
  • Interior overhead with a laser pointer
  • Using one of the world’s most accurate laser pointers, remotely lay-out points on walls for drill patterns or on ceilings for air conditioning or other such projects.
  • Machine control Work to the tightest tolerances under any site conditions.
  • Carry out fine grading and paving with the highest precision, speeding up your work with construction machinery.
  • Limitless applications.
  • With the iCONstruct software, you can use iCON robot 50 for a wide range of measuring and positioning tasks onsite, such as layout stake-out grade checking, volumes, as-built checks, and machine control.

Supporting Accessories

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Data Spec Sheets

Hear What People Are Saying

"Without Stan’s dedication and service to us, we most likely would have given up our current implementation in favor of an easier path. Stan and Chris were thoughtful about products offered to us, would answer the phone for hours long phone calls about software or hardware concerns, and could be quickly and easily on site--ready to help within a moments notice. We cannot recommend Datum Tech Solutions enough for whatever needs your next project might bring!"

— Mollie Shackleford, Virtual Design & Construction Coordinator & Matt Hockett, General Foreman, Lease Crutcher Lewis 

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