Scan&Go Whippy Scan

Whippy Scan is a system mounted on a four-wheeled trolley with an extendable pole and parking feet. The trolley is equipped with two 360 ° rotating front wheels to ensure absolute mobility in all situations and greater stability in motion.

The whole system can be folded and dismantled to ensure easy transport to the workplace. The parking feet can be used to fully lift the system from the ground. The trolley, designed for golf courses, moves without problems both outside and inside buildings. The three legs of the extendable pole are adjustable to be able to easily level the scanner even at the height of over 6.5 feet. 

Useful in all inaccessible places when is necessary to have scans at different heights. 

The Whippy Scan Includes:

  • All metallic components (articulated parts, pressure knobs, leg braces, etc.) guarantee maximum durability and strength. 

  • Equipped with 
    • Double safety locking system by means of safety-bolt 
    • Pressure knob 


  • Easy to use 

  • Short setup and uninstall time 

  • Easy movement among scanning stations 

  • Significant increase of the 3D Laser Scanner measuring range 

  • **Please note: The tripod can be used without the trolley 

Supporting Accessories

Data Spec Sheets

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