Sokkia SRX5X Robotic Total Station - Used

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New RED-tech 800 EDM provides increased accuracy and range in distance measurements with or without reflectors, incorporating the new optical design, the enhanced signal processing algorithm, as well as the ultra-high signal modulation frequencies of up to 468.75MHz.

The RED-tech 800 provides measurement accuracy of 1.5mm + 2ppm with 360° prisms or standard prisms, and 2mm + 2ppm without a reflector. It measures up to 6,000m (19,680ft.) distance with a single prism, and up to 800m (2,620ft.) without a reflector.

The reflectorless measurements of up to 1,000m (3,280ft) range are possible when the brightness at object surface is 500 lux or less, regardless of ambient brightness conditions.


  • Precise, long-range, reflectorless measurement with patented RED-Tech EX Technology: Sokkia’s flagship total station has the latest technology on-board to make single-operator measuring quick, easy and accurate. Sokkia’s patented RED-tech EX technology offers the highest precision on all ranges of measurements.
  • Powerful on-board software with Windows CE operating system: The power and familiarity of a Windows-based operating system is on-board the SRX.
  • Fully wireless and cable-free: Sokkia’s SRX has Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free use, making this single-operator total station even more convenient.
  • Multiple data interfaces including USB and Compact Flash: The SRX offers many data interfaces to make data in the field easy to transport back to the office. Saving data is easier than ever before with the options of USB or compact flash data options.
  • Enhanced encoder with IACS technology: Groundbreaking new Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) provides extremely reliable angle measurement with unprecedented stability.


  • Angle Measurement: Absolute rotary encoder scanning. Both circles adopt diametrical detection.
  • Accuracy (ISO17123-3:2001):
    • SRX5 - 5" (1.5 mgon)
    • SRX3 - 3" (1 mgon)
    • SRX2 - 2" (0.6 mgon)
    • SRX1 - 1" (0.3 mgon)
  • IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System): Provided only on 1" and 2" models (SRX1 and SRX2)
  • Dual-Axis Compensator Working Range: +/-14' (+/-174 mgon)
  • Distance Measurement: Modulated laser, phase comparison method
  • Laser Output: Reflectorless mode: Class 3R, Prism/Sheet mode: Class 1
  • Measuring Range:
    • 1 AP Prism: 4.3 to 16,400 ft (1.3 to 5,000 m / to 6,000 m) under good conditions
    • ATP1/ATP1S 360° Prism: 4.3 to 3,280 ft (1.3 to 1,000 m)
    • Reflective Sheet Target: 4.3 to 1,640 ft (1.3 to 500 m with RS90N-K (90x90 mm) reflective sheet
    • Reflectorless: 1 to 2,620 ft (0.3 to 800 m) with Kodak Gray Card White side (90% reflective)
  • Accuracy (ISO17123-4:2001) (D=measuring distance):
    • AP or ATP1/ATP1S 360° Prism
      • (1.5 + 2 ppm x D) mm
    • Reflective sheet target
      • (2 + 2 ppm x D) mm
    • Reflectorless
      • (2 + 2 ppm x D) mm : 1<=D<=650 ft (0.3<=D<=200 m)
      • (5 + 10 ppm x D) mm : 650 <=D<=1,140 ft (200<D<=350 m)
      • (10 + 10 ppm x D) mm : 1,140<=D<=3,280 ft (350<D<=800 m)
    • Tracking Accuracy
      • 1.2 mm at 100 m
  • Motor Drive: DC motor drive with self-locking free rotation system
  • Rotation Speed at 68°F (20°C): Max. 70°/s, Rotation time: approx. 5s for 360° rotation
  • Auto-Tracking / Auto-Pointing: Pulse laser transmitter and CMOS detector with co-axial optics
  • Range
    • AP prism: 3,280 ft (1,000 m)
    • ATP1/ATP1S: 360&deg; Prism: 1,960 ft (600 m)
    • Reflective Sheet Target: 16.4 to 160 ft (5 to 50 m)
  • Interface and Data Management:
    • Operating System: Windows CE Ver.5.0
    • Display / Keyboard: 3.7in. transmissive TFT color LCD / 32 keys with backlight
    • Data Storage: 750MB internal memory, CF card, SD card, USB flash memory
    • Interface: USB1.1 Host (Type A) and Client (Type miniB) / RS-232C
    • Bluetooth wireless modem (option): Ver.1.2, Class 1 (built into RC-TS3 and H-BT1 handles)
  • Dust And Water Protection: IP64 (IEC 60529:2001)
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to +122°F (–20 to +50°C)

Data Spec Sheet

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