Scan&Go Coaxial Bracket


The Scan&Go Coaxial Bracket for Faro Focus 3D, Faro X, & Trimble TX5 offers heavy-duty support and is designed to surmount laser scanners: Trimble TX5 , Faro Focus 3D, Faro X with GNSS receiver or reflective prism at 360°.

This bracket is perfectly in tune with the instrument. Therefore, the locking points are safe and non-invasive. The coaxial bracket also allows simultaneous measurement for the position of the gripping point of the scanner, together with the scan itself, avoiding subsequent classic topographic operations for the collection of scans made in sequence. The low weight of the support paired with the equipment itself does not create any kind of mechanical or measuring problem during scans.

Also available for Faro S and Faro M series

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