Leica iCON CS35 10" Rugged Tablet

All of our products come with customizable packages designed to fit your company's specific needs. Please fill out the enquiry above and one of our experts will reach out shortly!

The Leica CS35’s slim yet robust design and high performance allow you to work comfortably and at speed. Interact with data like never before with the large screen visible in all conditions. Running Windows, the Leica CS35 can fit your entire office into one device with the added bonus of complete mobility.

Used in combination with Leica iCON site or Leica iCON build construction field software, it is the optimal solution for all positioning tasks on your construction site.

This equipment is available for weekly and/or monthly rentals. We also have used options available for purchase. Please contact us for questions on additional options and custom packages.


  • Leica iCON CS35 10" Panasonic Rugged Tablet
  • Long-life Battery
  • Charger

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