Leica GPR113 Basic Circular Prism


The Leica GPR113 Circular Prism is a durable tool that aids total stations in monitoring slope stability while offering precise accuracy. The prism is mounted on a brilliant red, metal holder for the best centering accuracy, stability, and longevity. With this powerful prism, the range of distance measuring, ATR, and PowerSearch, is increased by 30 percent. 

This prism is made of high-quality glass and is furnished with optical coatings. The reflective surfaces of the prism have special anti-reflective coatings and a copper coating on the reverse side. These coatings protect the prism from dirt or condensation and allow it to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions.


  • Basic, Standard, or Pro
  • 1 or 2mm centering accuracy
  • 8,200 ft. (2,500 m) or 11,500 ft. (3,500 m) range
  • With or without a target plate
  • 2" or 8' beam deviation
  • Mounted on metal holders
  • Increases range, ATR, and PowerSearch by 30%
  • High-quality glass construction
  • Special anti-reflective coating
  • Copper coating
  • Protected from dirt or condensation
  • Withstands the most extreme environmental conditions

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