Smartnet Broadcast Coordinates Update

*** As of 5:00AM EST nearly all of the Smartnet Broadcast Coordinates have been updated for the transition from IGS (International GNSS Service)  to ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Frame). These changes are being required my the National Geodetic Survey and its umbrella agency NOAA to move towards the realization of the upcoming Datum changes in 2022.


In terms of connection things should automatically rollover. However, this change can produce changes ranging from 1MM to 5CM in difference. Which means you will miss your current localization by this amount.


What needs to be done:

1.Check into a known Control Point on-site, if you are within your typical accuracies for your GNSS rover the change is likely not enough to matter.

2. If you are missing that known Control Point, a NEW Localization will be necessary on site to your Control points surrounding the job.

3. Following you creating your New localization you will able to check into all previous performed layout work as your previous and new localization are constrained by the same ground coordinates.


We believe this is an important step that Smartnet and the NGS has made to insure the highest of accuracy corrections and insure GNSS systems are ready to realize the 2022 Datums with minimal issues. ***