3DR Site Scan Software

3DR Site Scan Software

3DR Site Scan Software



Updates for Fall 2019:

  • Variable Slope Vertical Scan (you can safely and autonomously capture sloped walls and facades to create rich point cloud and models. )
  •  High-resolution PDF exports
  •  Updated Contour Tools
  • Ground Control Points (GCPs)
  • Field iOS support for Apple iOS 13 for iPad

Site Scan is a powerful and fully-automated aerial analytics platform — the complete, end-to-end solution for reality data capture and analysis with popular cloud systems. Built specifically for the business user, with an intuitive, almost magical, app experience and all the safe and smart Solo technology you need to save time, to save money and keep your workers safe; all with a few taps on a screen; no special training needed.

Site Scan automatically processes and populates images into the most powerful data processing and manipulation systems. LaunchED with Autodesk--which makes some of the world’s most popular and powerful design and engineering analytics systems--the Site Scan pipeline integrates its captured and processed data seamlessly with those systems.

Sony is a globally dominant camera company, and 3DR has worked with them to integrate their UMC-R10C camera with the open Solo gimbal bay, for shooting stills at an incredible 20MP, and even zooming.

What it is and what it does

Site Scan is a complete camera-to app-to cloud system that makes it safer and easier than ever for people in construction, telecom, GIS, energy, infrastructure and related fields to collect and process aerial data and perform inspections. Site Scan automatically plans and executes both flight and high-resolution reality capture for conducting site surveys and scans. Securely upload that geotagged data to the 3DR cloud and Autodesk ReCap for processing into orthorectified 2D maps, DEMs, 3D point clouds and 3D mesh. Once processed, seamlessly port this data to other cloud systems for analysis, temporal comparison and manipulation. Inspect, examine and photograph towers and other structures with everyday swiping and pinching on the tablet screen, leveraging the Sony camera’s zoom lens where precise imagery is required to capture asset identification information.