Scan&Go Smart Lift

Lifting system for any brand and type of terrestrial laser scanner.
Smart Lift Roof was created in order to take advantages of the Level-Plane 16R or 16B when you're surveying unique infrastructure, architecture and structures.

It is composed of an electrical and mechanical system (max 4.5' height), a support plate for Level-Plane 16R or 16B and a solid frame that allows mounting on the roof rack of any vehicle. The system is made from anodized aluminium.


By using Smart Lift Roof combined with Level-Plane 16R or 16B and extending the 3D Laser Scanner it’s possible to obtain:

  • significant increase of measurement range
  • decrease of the scanning sessions number
  • saving of surveying time
  • more detailed scans by cutting out balcony shadows, trays of windows and high parts, not visible from the ground
  • improving measurement quality due to the increased verticality of the gripping point

Smart Lift Roof can be used with any 3D Laser Scanner!


  • Dimensions closed system 4.3’ x 15”
  • Extended pole height 4.2' Ft (with LP16 1,70)
  • Maximum load of 77lbs
  • Weight 68 lbs
  • Electrical engines 1
  • Radio and Manual Controller
  • Power supply 12V 16A
  • Temperature limit for use of the equipment -113° F + 122° F
  • Temperature limit for the storage of equipment - 122° F + 176° C

Supporting Accessories Available for Purchase

 Data Spec Sheet

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