Datum DeckMate


Meet the Datum DeckMate

Datum Tech Solutions' innovative invention, the Datum DeckMate, is a mounting system for surveying Robotic Total Stations (RTS), 3D scanners, theodolite, and much more. 

This revolutionary tripod is used in the construction process by being set up on a solid concrete foundation and attaching to rebar lap that is protruding from the concrete. This provides a solid base--for whatever application being used--to reduce potential vibration while eliminating the possibility of your equipment incurring damage due to a fall or being knocked over.

Parts & Components

  • Constructed out of heavy duty fiberglass
  • Through-bolt fasteners
  • Custom aluminum offset mount for attaching and mounting the RTS, Scanner, theodolite, etc.
  • Push button locking & extending legs that provide added stability.
  • Self-locking, sliding plastic mount for attaching the extending legs to the rest of the mounting system.
  • Manufactured locally in the USA.

*Components are all attached by using traditional metal bolt/screw fasteners, the self-locking, sliding plastic mount is attached using a pressurized locking mechanism. 

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