Scan&Go BLK360 Window Scan

The BLK360 Window Scan is a horizontal extension system for scanning with Leica BLK360. It is an easy and safe system to carry out scans in all the cases where it is necessary to be in accessible places horizontally.

Thanks to its versatility it is possible to mount the BLK360 upright, upside down or horizontally.

It comes with two 3 ft. extensions to reach up to about 6.5 ft. beyond the limit of the horizontal support.

The BLK360 Window Scan Includes:

  • Dimensions closed system 47"
  • Dimensions opened system 122"
  • Maximum load 3.3 LBs
  • Weight 11 Lbs


  • Quick safety connection
  • Ballast bag (can contain 30 Lbs of sand or gravel, not supplied)
  • Head with two 3/8 ”male connections
  • Two 3 ft. extensions with transport bag

Supporting Accessories Available for Purchase

    Data Spec Sheet

    Not included:

    BLK Tripod Adapter Art. No. 853639 by Leica Geosystems

    BLK360 Uplift

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