Scan&Go: Surveying Meets Mobility

Meet Scan&Go

In an age where surveying is packed with optimization, it is no easy task to further innovation. So, how could technology further streamline our production and what new idea could possibly push this industry forward into a prosperous future? Well, we have partnered with a group of Italian innovators who have an answer to both questions. Allow us to introduce you Scan&Go, a manufacturer that has-- figuratively and literally--taken surveying technology to a newfound height.



Scan&Go reaching newfound heights... figuratively and literally!

How it All Began

It all started in 2014 when Scan&Go manufactured their first revolutionary solution—the worlds very first automatic leveler called the Level-Plane 14 Robot. The idea behind the technology was to splice surveying with mobility, concluding in a heavy-duty piece of equipment that allowed the surveyor to attach his/her equipment to the roof of their car and cruise around large projects while efficiently operating their equipment from the comfort of their vehicle.

"Congratulations! You just cut your scan time in half!" 

With such technology available, now you can simply set up your equipment, drive to all your scanning points, and—with a remote control—specially set and level your equipment to the particular topography that the best scan requires. After that, it’s business as usual.


Scan&Go: Surveying Meets Mobility


By combining the Level-Plane 14R with the Level-Lift Roof (left) or the Level-Lift Box (right), tricky inclines and heights will never slow you down you again!

Congratulations! You just cut your scan time in half! Not only that, with newfound heights and positions, you have greatly optimized your range and the quality of your scans.

Where Scan&Go is Today

Scan&Go continues to push boundaries as they further the production of revolutionary equipment. Soon after the release of their first Level-Plane 14R, they began pumping out more solutions like the Level-Lift Roof—an extension that reaches 9 feet and attaches to the Level-Plane 14R. This combined effort between solutions grants a vantage point that seldom have seen. But what if the perfect scan requires a similar vantage point, but is inaccessible by vehicle? Well, Scan&Go answered that question with their Kangur-Lift—a mobile extension that is also compatible with the Level-Plane 14R, can easily be moved around by hand, and sturdily locks in place when the desired location is met.



The self-leveling, easy-to-move Kangur-Lift covers those vantage points that just can't be reached by vehicle!

We are proud to be the exclusive partners with such a group of visionaries. It amazes us to witness their growth, as they have began catering to total stations and other scanners such as the BLK360. Their extraordinary ideas continue to significantly impact the technological growth of their products. It is no wonder that Scan&Go has reached our industry on an international level, and with their combination of quicker mobility and the best solutions out, we won’t be surprised that one day, job sites worldwide will be incorporating Scan&Go into their workflow.

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