Manufacturer Spotlight: Keeping it Local with Dutch Hill

If you walked up to Kirk Strahm 30-years ago and asked him where he saw himself in the future, it would be anywhere but his father's business. Kirk could never imagine himself manufacturing survey equipment, so innovating the industry altogether would be far fetched to say the least. Nevertheless, today Kirk continues to keep Dutch Hill thriving; an industry leader in bipods, tripods, and other survey solutions that has offered more than 60 revolutionary products to the field.

Dutch Hill - Datum Tech Solutions Spotlight

It's all about family! Kyle Strahm, third generation, keeping the family business alive.

Not long after high school, Kirk decided that he wanted to get into the construction industry, leading him through an academic journey at the University of Washington and leaving him with a degree in Construction Management. After venturing into numerous corners of the industry, Kirk found his calling back where he was born and raised in Snohomish, WA. With a heap of experience in the field and a strong passion for the equipment that runs it, Kirk would soon begin crafting newfound solutions that best correlated to present-day job site problems; splicing knowledge and love into the manufacturing process.

Dutch Hill - Snohomish, Wa

Dutch Hill = Durability

Fast forward to 2019, and the family owned Dutch Hill has taken its next step into the future. Kirk is proud to pass the torch to his son, Kyle Strahm, as he is confident that the third generation will continue to implement innovation into the industry that so fluidly runs through their veins. This small business strongly stands by keeping it in the family, something that we ourselves greatly advocate.

Dutch Hill - Snohomish, Wa

 It takes knowledge and passion to manufacture quality.


Dutch Hill - Snohomish, Wa

The future is always brighter when you work with people you love.

We have been in business with the Strahms for 6+ years, and looking back, we could not be more satisfied. In 2017, we strengthened our relationship with the local business when we released the Datum DeckMate, a heavy-duty innovation manufactured by Dutch Hill that accommodates an array of construction solutions.

It has been an honor working with Dutch Hill all these years. We strongly believe in keeping small, family owned businesses alive. However, and above all else, we are proud to call the Strahms our partners...

...but even more so, we are proud to call them our friends. The future is always brighter when you work with people you love.


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