Problem Solved: Leica’s iCON 50 Saves PCL Construction Time & Money

PCL Construction faced a recurring challenge that was significantly stifling productivity. The traditional total station required tedious steps and long procedures which not only inevitably prolonged production, but also made it difficult to identify issues before they were implemented in the field. Combined, these facets of the traditional total station could delay a project’s completion by several months. PCL needed a solution, and they needed one fast.


Datum Tech Solutions - PCL contruction

 "PCL needed a solution, and they needed one fast."

The iCON 50’s innovative functionality skipped the many steps prevalent in traditional total stations and proved to be diligent in preciseness; solving procedural problems and saving time. What was once a game of back and forth between field and office became meshed into one process. The iCON 50 allowed builders in the field to work with models on site and then relay them back to engineers in real time. This revolutionary piece of survey equipment was just what PCL had been looking for; a robotic total station that saves time by closing the gap between field and office and mitigates error by surpassing manual hand entry.

iCon 50 - Datum Tech Solutions

"The iCON 50 was just what PCL had been looking for..."

 During one of PCL’s projects, they were quickly able to identify a situation pertaining to a 42” influence line. The line conflicted with existing utilities creating a problem that—with traditional total stations—would have taken months to identify and even more time to fix. The iCON 50 enabled builders in the field to collect data and instantly relay the model to engineers back at the office. PCL then could reroute the line in the model, procure the material, and install the line safely in the field. Without the iCON 50, this clash would not have been identified as early as it had, and a small miscalculation could have resulted in both wasted time and money.

"Without the iCON 50, a small miscalculation could have resulted in both wasted  time and money."

Working alongside PCL Construction and training their team to operate the iCON 50 was truly a rewarding experience. If you are looking to optimize your workflow with the implementation of total stations or other survey equipment, contact one of our specialists today!