Celebrating Solutions: Meet Our Growing Team at Upcoming Open House!

We cannot even begin to explain how excited we are for this Friday—September 13th, 2019—as we will be hosting our very first open house at the new office! With appearances by both Leica and Spy Glasses representatives—bringing with them some of their latest developments—this gathering welcomes anyone who loves this industry as much as we do. Although this event revolves around the solutions that fuel our passion, there is much more reason for celebration, nonetheless. Not only has our location grown in lucrativeness, but our team of dedicated specialists has been expanding, too!

It’s interesting to reflect on just a few years back when there was only a hand full of us working day and night to build a dream from the ground up. Although our tireless dedication has not changed, the size of our team is going through exponential growth—and we could not be happier with the new friendly faces that have joined us on our mission to revolutionize the industry.

"...greatly contributing to our mission in making your business thrive." 

Like this heavy-hitter, Craig Batchelor, a seasoned vet who has spent the past twenty-four-years in the AEC industry. We call Craig the "software guru." His revolutionary perspective allows him to quickly find a solution to the most difficult situations. Or take Brian Paul, our new specialist in quality assurance and employee safety. Brian has brought his seven-years of corporate management experience in the oil / gas industry and has already begun optimizing the way we operate; greatly contributing to our mission in making your business thrive. And that brings us to the REAL reason why we are hosting this home warming party.

Sure, we want to show off our awesome new space, and sure we want to praise our wonderful team who helped us get here. And of course, we would find any excuse to play with the latest big kid toys in construction tech. Everybody loves a party! However, the main reason for this event is to show appreciation to all the other key players who have gotten us here. We’re talking about our partners—our loyal customers. We’re talking about the great men and women out there in the field every day. We’re talking about the visionary back .t the office. We’re talking about all the people who believe in this industry just as much as we do. In the end, this event is to show our appreciation for you…

…to celebrate you.

If you're interested in joining us for our open house today (September 13th, 2019) then we'd love to have you! All we ask is that you RSVP HERE to secure your spot at our solutions-celebration. We look forward to seeing you all there!