Meet the Datum DeckMate & the Axis Precision Laser

Innovation, The Datum Tech Way

In an industry that constantly demands solutions, room for improvement is always welcome. That's why we are proud to introduce two of our innovative products, the Datum DeckMate and the Axis Precision Laser. Both revolutionary solutions tackle an array of issues prevalent in construction projects. From saving time with one person layout operations to overcoming challenging terrain on job sites, these newfound survey tools are designed to do one thing: further optimize your workflow.

XY Spells Axis

The Axis Precision Laser--commonly refereed to as the XY Positioner--makes creating points in the field easier than ever. The self-leveling Axis eliminates the demand of more manpower on site, as it is a user-friendly, one-person operation. This tool dominates in accuracy and correlates functionally with the majority of robotic total stations. Any project that implements the Axis Precision Laser will significantly save time and money. 

 Save time and money with the Axis Precision Laser.

Set Up Anywhere with the Datum DeckMate

The Datum DeckMate is another one of our patented products that acts as a solution to a common and greatly unwanted variable. We cannot even begin to explain how many times we have witnessed significant declination in projects' productivity due to on-site factors such as tricky terrain. How many times has your project hit a halt due to specific stages of development; specifically, after foundations are established?

The Datum DeckMate is perfect for the toughest situations.

This heavy-duty piece of equipment specializes in attaching to re bar protruding from cement. This establishes a solid base for accuracy while simultaneously keeping your total stations, laser scanners, or theodolites protected. The Datum DeckMate is a perfect solution for a challenging situation that contractors meet much too often.

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