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It has been a thrilling experience to work with Walker Construction Inc. A small general contractor based out of Spokane, Washington, Walker Construction bought their very first total station from us a year ago. With no previous experience of operating the technology, they started their first RTS project using basic 2D cad files.

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However, with our one-on-one BIM Training and Support--covering both hardware and software operational guidance--they are now capable and competent in pushing out beautiful 3D IFC files from Revit; thus, maximizing their efficiency in the field by simply selecting the 3D object that they wish to layout.


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iCON Robot 50

BIM Training for Spokane, WA, Contractor - Datum Tech Solutions

In no time at all, Walker Construction has managed to up their game by efficiently utilizing Leica Robotic Total Stations and iCONstruct layout software. We find great satisfaction in enabling contractors--both large and small--the power and knowledge to utilize this innovative technology to optimize their efficiency. It is truly our passion to see your business thrive.

- Bryant, Total Station Specialist
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